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ftbase.h File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>

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 open_face_from_buffer (FT_Library library, FT_Byte *base, FT_ULong size, FT_Long face_index, const char *driver_name, FT_Face *aface)
FT_BEGIN_HEADER open_face_PS_from_sfnt_stream (FT_Library library, FT_Stream stream, FT_Long face_index, FT_Int num_params, FT_Parameter *params, FT_Face *aface)

Function Documentation

open_face_from_buffer ( FT_Library  library,
FT_Byte base,
FT_ULong  size,
FT_Long  face_index,
const char *  driver_name,
FT_Face aface 
FT_BEGIN_HEADER open_face_PS_from_sfnt_stream ( FT_Library  library,
FT_Stream  stream,
FT_Long  face_index,
FT_Int  num_params,
FT_Parameter params,
FT_Face aface 

Referenced by FT_Open_Face().