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ftcglyph.c File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>
#include <FT_CACHE_H>
#include "ftcglyph.h"
#include <FT_ERRORS_H>
#include "ftccback.h"
#include "ftcerror.h"

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 FTC_Family_Init (FTC_Family family, FTC_Cache cache)
 ftc_gcache_done (FTC_Cache ftccache)
 ftc_gcache_init (FTC_Cache ftccache)
 FTC_GCache_New (FTC_Manager manager, FTC_GCacheClass clazz, FTC_GCache *acache)
 ftc_gnode_compare (FTC_Node ftcgnode, FT_Pointer ftcgquery, FTC_Cache cache, FT_Bool *list_changed)
 FTC_GNode_Compare (FTC_GNode gnode, FTC_GQuery gquery, FTC_Cache cache, FT_Bool *list_changed)
 FTC_GNode_Done (FTC_GNode gnode, FTC_Cache cache)
 FTC_GNode_Init (FTC_GNode gnode, FT_UInt gindex, FTC_Family family)
 FTC_GNode_UnselectFamily (FTC_GNode gnode, FTC_Cache cache)

Function Documentation

FTC_Family_Init ( FTC_Family  family,
FTC_Cache  cache 

Definition at line 106 of file ftcglyph.c.

References FTC_GCacheClassRec_::family_class, and FTC_CACHE__GCACHE_CLASS.

Referenced by ftc_basic_family_init().

ftc_gcache_done ( FTC_Cache  ftccache)

Definition at line 153 of file ftcglyph.c.

References FTC_Cache_Done(), and FTC_MruList_Done().

ftc_gcache_init ( FTC_Cache  ftccache)
FTC_GCache_New ( FTC_Manager  manager,
FTC_GCacheClass  clazz,
FTC_GCache acache 

Definition at line 175 of file ftcglyph.c.

References FTC_Manager_RegisterCache().

Referenced by FTC_ImageCache_New(), and FTC_SBitCache_New().

ftc_gnode_compare ( FTC_Node  ftcgnode,
FT_Pointer  ftcgquery,
FTC_Cache  cache,
FT_Bool list_changed 
FTC_GNode_Compare ( FTC_GNode  gnode,
FTC_GQuery  gquery,
FTC_Cache  cache,
FT_Bool list_changed 

Definition at line 86 of file ftcglyph.c.

References ftc_gnode_compare(), and FTC_NODE.

Referenced by FTC_ImageCache_Lookup(), and FTC_ImageCache_LookupScaler().

FTC_GNode_Done ( FTC_GNode  gnode,
FTC_Cache  cache 

Definition at line 55 of file ftcglyph.c.

References FTC_GNode_UnselectFamily().

Referenced by ftc_inode_free(), and ftc_snode_free().

FTC_GNode_Init ( FTC_GNode  gnode,
FT_UInt  gindex,
FTC_Family  family 

Definition at line 31 of file ftcglyph.c.

Referenced by FTC_INode_New(), and FTC_SNode_New().

FTC_GNode_UnselectFamily ( FTC_GNode  gnode,
FTC_Cache  cache 

Definition at line 42 of file ftcglyph.c.

References FTC_FAMILY_FREE, and NULL.

Referenced by ftc_basic_gnode_compare_faceid(), and FTC_GNode_Done().