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fttrigon.h File Reference
#include <FT_FREETYPE_H>

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#define FT_ANGLE_2PI   ( FT_ANGLE_PI * 2 )
#define FT_ANGLE_PI   ( 180L << 16 )
#define FT_ANGLE_PI2   ( FT_ANGLE_PI / 2 )
#define FT_ANGLE_PI4   ( FT_ANGLE_PI / 4 )


 FT_Angle_Diff (FT_Angle angle1, FT_Angle angle2)
 FT_Atan2 (FT_Fixed x, FT_Fixed y)
 FT_Cos (FT_Angle angle)
 FT_Sin (FT_Angle angle)
 FT_Tan (FT_Angle angle)
 FT_Vector_From_Polar (FT_Vector *vec, FT_Fixed length, FT_Angle angle)
 FT_Vector_Length (FT_Vector *vec)
 FT_Vector_Polarize (FT_Vector *vec, FT_Fixed *length, FT_Angle *angle)
 FT_Vector_Rotate (FT_Vector *vec, FT_Angle angle)
 FT_Vector_Unit (FT_Vector *vec, FT_Angle angle)


FT_BEGIN_HEADER typedef FT_Fixed FT_Angle

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FT_ANGLE_2PI   ( FT_ANGLE_PI * 2 )
#define FT_ANGLE_PI4   ( FT_ANGLE_PI / 4 )

Definition at line 100 of file fttrigon.h.

Function Documentation

FT_Sin ( FT_Angle  angle)
FT_Tan ( FT_Angle  angle)

Definition at line 358 of file fttrigon.c.

References FT_DivFix(), FT_TRIG_COSCALE, ft_trig_pseudo_rotate(), FT_Vector_::x, and FT_Vector_::y.

Referenced by ft_stroker_inside(), and test_tan().

FT_Vector_Polarize ( FT_Vector vec,
FT_Fixed length,
FT_Angle angle 
FT_Vector_Rotate ( FT_Vector vec,
FT_Angle  angle 
FT_Vector_Unit ( FT_Vector vec,
FT_Angle  angle 

Definition at line 395 of file fttrigon.c.

References FT_TRIG_COSCALE, and ft_trig_pseudo_rotate().

Referenced by test_unit().

Variable Documentation