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1 #ifdef GLEW_MX
2 GLboolean GLEWAPIENTRY glewContextIsSupported (const GLEWContext* ctx, const char* name)
3 #else
5 #endif
6 {
7  GLubyte* pos = (GLubyte*)name;
8  GLuint len = _glewStrLen(pos);
10  while (ret && len > 0)
11  {
12  if (_glewStrSame1(&pos, &len, (const GLubyte*)"GL_", 3))
13  {
#define GL_TRUE
Definition: gl2.h:51
unsigned char GLboolean
Definition: gl2.h:24
EGLImageKHR EGLint * name
Definition: eglext.h:284
GLenum GLsizei len
Definition: glew.h:7035
Definition: glew_str_glx.c:2
khronos_uint8_t GLubyte
Definition: gl2.h:30
static GLboolean _glewStrSame1(GLubyte **a, GLuint *na, const GLubyte *b, GLuint nb)
Definition: glew_head.c:178
static GLuint _glewStrLen(const GLubyte *s)
Definition: glew_head.c:153
Definition: glew_head.h:178
unsigned int GLuint
Definition: gl2.h:32
GLboolean GLEWAPIENTRY glewIsSupported(const char *name)
Definition: glew_str_head.c:4
EGLContext ctx
Definition: eglext.h:87