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glx.h File Reference
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <X11/Xutil.h>
#include <GL/gl.h>
#include <GL/glxext.h>

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union  __GLXEvent
struct  GLXBufferSwapComplete
struct  GLXPbufferClobberEvent


#define __GLX_NUMBER_EVENTS   17
#define GLX_ACCUM_BLUE_SIZE   16
#define GLX_ACCUM_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000080
#define GLX_ACCUM_RED_SIZE   14
#define GLX_ALPHA_SIZE   11
#define GLX_ARB_get_proc_address   1
#define GLX_ARB_render_texture   1
#define GLX_AUX0_EXT   0x20E2
#define GLX_AUX1_EXT   0x20E3
#define GLX_AUX2_EXT   0x20E4
#define GLX_AUX3_EXT   0x20E5
#define GLX_AUX4_EXT   0x20E6
#define GLX_AUX5_EXT   0x20E7
#define GLX_AUX6_EXT   0x20E8
#define GLX_AUX7_EXT   0x20E9
#define GLX_AUX8_EXT   0x20EA
#define GLX_AUX9_EXT   0x20EB
#define GLX_AUX_BUFFERS   7
#define GLX_AUX_BUFFERS_BIT   0x00000010
#define GLX_BACK_LEFT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000004
#define GLX_BACK_LEFT_EXT   0x20E0
#define GLX_BACK_RIGHT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000008
#define GLX_BACK_RIGHT_EXT   0x20E1
#define GLX_BAD_CONTEXT   5
#define GLX_BAD_ENUM   7
#define GLX_BAD_SCREEN   1
#define GLX_BAD_VALUE   6
#define GLX_BAD_VISUAL   4
#define GLX_BLUE_SIZE   10
#define GLX_BUFFER_SIZE   2
#define GLX_BufferSwapComplete   1
#define GLX_COLOR_INDEX_BIT   0x00000002
#define GLX_COLOR_INDEX_TYPE   0x8015
#define GLX_CONFIG_CAVEAT   0x20
#define GLX_DAMAGED   0x8020
#define GLX_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000020
#define GLX_DEPTH_SIZE   12
#define GLX_DIRECT_COLOR   0x8003
#define GLX_DRAWABLE_TYPE   0x8010
#define GLX_EVENT_MASK   0x801F
#define GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap   1
#define GLX_EXTENSIONS   3
#define GLX_FBCONFIG_ID   0x8013
#define GLX_FRONT_LEFT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000001
#define GLX_FRONT_LEFT_EXT   0x20DE
#define GLX_FRONT_RIGHT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000002
#define GLX_FRONT_RIGHT_EXT   0x20DF
#define GLX_GRAY_SCALE   0x8006
#define GLX_GREEN_SIZE   9
#define GLX_HEIGHT   0x801E
#define GLX_LARGEST_PBUFFER   0x801C
#define GLX_LEVEL   3
#define GLX_MAX_PBUFFER_HEIGHT   0x8017
#define GLX_MAX_PBUFFER_PIXELS   0x8018
#define GLX_MAX_PBUFFER_WIDTH   0x8016
#define GLX_MESA_swap_control   1
#define GLX_MESA_swap_frame_usage   1
#define GLX_NO_EXTENSION   3
#define GLX_NONE   0x8000
#define GLX_NV_float_buffer   1
#define GLX_NV_vertex_array_range
#define GLX_PBUFFER   0x8023
#define GLX_PBUFFER_BIT   0x00000004
#define GLX_PBUFFER_CLOBBER_MASK   0x08000000
#define GLX_PBUFFER_HEIGHT   0x8040
#define GLX_PBUFFER_WIDTH   0x8041
#define GLX_PbufferClobber   0
#define GLX_PIXMAP_BIT   0x00000002
#define GLX_PSEUDO_COLOR   0x8004
#define GLX_RED_SIZE   8
#define GLX_RENDER_TYPE   0x8011
#define GLX_RGBA   4
#define GLX_RGBA_BIT   0x00000001
#define GLX_RGBA_TYPE   0x8014
#define GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS   0x186a0 /*100000*/
#define GLX_SAMPLES   0x186a1 /*100001*/
#define GLX_SAVED   0x8021
#define GLX_SCREEN   0x800C
#define GLX_SLOW_CONFIG   0x8001
#define GLX_STATIC_COLOR   0x8005
#define GLX_STATIC_GRAY   0x8007
#define GLX_STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000040
#define GLX_STENCIL_SIZE   13
#define GLX_STEREO   6
#define GLX_TEXTURE_1D_BIT_EXT   0x00000001
#define GLX_TEXTURE_1D_EXT   0x20DB
#define GLX_TEXTURE_2D_BIT_EXT   0x00000002
#define GLX_TEXTURE_2D_EXT   0x20DC
#define GLX_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_BIT_EXT   0x00000004
#define GLX_TRANSPARENT_INDEX   0x8009
#define GLX_TRANSPARENT_RGB   0x8008
#define GLX_TRUE_COLOR   0x8002
#define GLX_USE_GL   1
#define GLX_VENDOR   1
#define GLX_VERSION   2
#define GLX_VERSION_1_1   1
#define GLX_VERSION_1_2   1
#define GLX_VERSION_1_3   1
#define GLX_VERSION_1_4   1
#define GLX_VISUAL_ID   0x800B
#define GLX_WIDTH   0x801D
#define GLX_WINDOW   0x8022
#define GLX_WINDOW_BIT   0x00000001
#define GLX_X_RENDERABLE   0x8012
#define GLX_X_VISUAL_TYPE   0x22
#define GLX_Y_INVERTED_EXT   0x20D4


typedef void(* __GLXextFuncPtr )(void)
typedef struct __GLXcontextRec * GLXContext
typedef XID GLXContextID
typedef XID GLXDrawable
typedef union __GLXEvent GLXEvent
typedef struct __GLXFBConfigRec * GLXFBConfig
typedef XID GLXFBConfigID
typedef XID GLXPbuffer
typedef XID GLXPixmap
typedef XID GLXWindow
typedef void *(* PFNGLXALLOCATEMEMORYNVPROC )(GLsizei size, GLfloat readfreq, GLfloat writefreq, GLfloat priority)
typedef int(* PFNGLXBEGINFRAMETRACKINGMESAPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable)
typedef GLXFBConfig *(* PFNGLXCHOOSEFBCONFIGPROC )(Display *dpy, int screen, const int *attrib_list, int *nelements)
typedef GLXContext(* PFNGLXCREATENEWCONTEXTPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, int render_type, GLXContext share_list, Bool direct)
typedef GLXPbuffer(* PFNGLXCREATEPBUFFERPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, const int *attrib_list)
typedef GLXPixmap(* PFNGLXCREATEPIXMAPPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, Pixmap pixmap, const int *attrib_list)
typedef GLXWindow(* PFNGLXCREATEWINDOWPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, Window win, const int *attrib_list)
typedef void(* PFNGLXDESTROYPBUFFERPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf)
typedef void(* PFNGLXDESTROYPIXMAPPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXPixmap pixmap)
typedef void(* PFNGLXDESTROYWINDOWPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXWindow win)
typedef int(* PFNGLXENDFRAMETRACKINGMESAPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable)
typedef void(* PFNGLXFREEMEMORYNVPROC )(GLvoid *pointer)
typedef int(* PFNGLXGETFBCONFIGATTRIBPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, int attribute, int *value)
typedef GLXFBConfig *(* PFNGLXGETFBCONFIGSPROC )(Display *dpy, int screen, int *nelements)
typedef int(* PFNGLXGETFRAMEUSAGEMESAPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, float *usage)
typedef __GLXextFuncPtr(* PFNGLXGETPROCADDRESSPROC )(const GLubyte *procName)
typedef void(* PFNGLXGETSELECTEDEVENTPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, unsigned long *event_mask)
typedef XVisualInfo *(* PFNGLXGETVISUALFROMFBCONFIGPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config)
typedef Bool(* PFNGLXMAKECONTEXTCURRENTPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, GLXDrawable read, GLXContext ctx)
typedef int(* PFNGLXQUERYCONTEXTPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXContext ctx, int attribute, int *value)
typedef void(* PFNGLXQUERYDRAWABLEPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, int attribute, unsigned int *value)
typedef int(* PFNGLXQUERYFRAMETRACKINGMESAPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, int64_t *swapCount, int64_t *missedFrames, float *lastMissedUsage)
typedef void(* PFNGLXSELECTEVENTPROC )(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, unsigned long event_mask)
typedef int(* PFNGLXSWAPINTERVALMESAPROC )(unsigned int interval)


voidglXAllocateMemoryNV (GLsizei size, GLfloat readfreq, GLfloat writefreq, GLfloat priority)
int glXBeginFrameTrackingMESA (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable)
Bool glXBindTexImageARB (Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuffer, int buffer)
void glXBindTexImageEXT (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, int buffer, const int *attrib_list)
GLXFBConfigglXChooseFBConfig (Display *dpy, int screen, const int *attribList, int *nitems)
XVisualInfo * glXChooseVisual (Display *dpy, int screen, int *attribList)
void glXCopyContext (Display *dpy, GLXContext src, GLXContext dst, unsigned long mask)
GLXContext glXCreateContext (Display *dpy, XVisualInfo *vis, GLXContext shareList, Bool direct)
GLXPixmap glXCreateGLXPixmap (Display *dpy, XVisualInfo *visual, Pixmap pixmap)
GLXContext glXCreateNewContext (Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, int renderType, GLXContext shareList, Bool direct)
GLXPbuffer glXCreatePbuffer (Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, const int *attribList)
GLXPixmap glXCreatePixmap (Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, Pixmap pixmap, const int *attribList)
GLXWindow glXCreateWindow (Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, Window win, const int *attribList)
void glXDestroyContext (Display *dpy, GLXContext ctx)
void glXDestroyGLXPixmap (Display *dpy, GLXPixmap pixmap)
void glXDestroyPbuffer (Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf)
void glXDestroyPixmap (Display *dpy, GLXPixmap pixmap)
void glXDestroyWindow (Display *dpy, GLXWindow window)
Bool glXDrawableAttribARB (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, const int *attribList)
int glXEndFrameTrackingMESA (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable)
void glXFreeMemoryNV (GLvoid *pointer)
const char * glXGetClientString (Display *dpy, int name)
int glXGetConfig (Display *dpy, XVisualInfo *visual, int attrib, int *value)
GLXContext glXGetCurrentContext (void)
Display * glXGetCurrentDisplay (void)
GLXDrawable glXGetCurrentDrawable (void)
GLXDrawable glXGetCurrentReadDrawable (void)
int glXGetFBConfigAttrib (Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, int attribute, int *value)
GLXFBConfigglXGetFBConfigs (Display *dpy, int screen, int *nelements)
int glXGetFrameUsageMESA (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, float *usage)
__GLXextFuncPtr glXGetProcAddressARB (const GLubyte *)
void glXGetSelectedEvent (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, unsigned long *mask)
int glXGetSwapIntervalMESA (void)
XVisualInfo * glXGetVisualFromFBConfig (Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config)
Bool glXIsDirect (Display *dpy, GLXContext ctx)
Bool glXMakeContextCurrent (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, GLXDrawable read, GLXContext ctx)
Bool glXMakeCurrent (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, GLXContext ctx)
int glXQueryContext (Display *dpy, GLXContext ctx, int attribute, int *value)
void glXQueryDrawable (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, int attribute, unsigned int *value)
Bool glXQueryExtension (Display *dpy, int *errorb, int *event)
const char * glXQueryExtensionsString (Display *dpy, int screen)
int glXQueryFrameTrackingMESA (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, int64_t *swapCount, int64_t *missedFrames, float *lastMissedUsage)
const char * glXQueryServerString (Display *dpy, int screen, int name)
Bool glXQueryVersion (Display *dpy, int *maj, int *min)
Bool glXReleaseTexImageARB (Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuffer, int buffer)
void glXReleaseTexImageEXT (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, int buffer)
void glXSelectEvent (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, unsigned long mask)
void glXSwapBuffers (Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable)
int glXSwapIntervalMESA (unsigned int interval)
void glXUseXFont (Font font, int first, int count, int list)
void glXWaitGL (void)
void glXWaitX (void)


void(*)(voidglXGetProcAddress (const GLubyte *procname)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __GLX_NUMBER_EVENTS   17

Definition at line 198 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 86 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_ACCUM_BLUE_SIZE   16

Definition at line 85 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_ACCUM_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000080

Definition at line 131 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 84 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_ACCUM_RED_SIZE   14

Definition at line 83 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_ALPHA_SIZE   11

Definition at line 80 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_ARB_get_proc_address   1

Definition at line 328 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_ARB_render_texture   1

Definition at line 375 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_AUX0_EXT   0x20E2

Definition at line 467 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_AUX1_EXT   0x20E3

Definition at line 468 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_AUX2_EXT   0x20E4

Definition at line 469 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_AUX3_EXT   0x20E5

Definition at line 470 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_AUX4_EXT   0x20E6

Definition at line 471 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_AUX5_EXT   0x20E7

Definition at line 472 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_AUX6_EXT   0x20E8

Definition at line 473 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_AUX7_EXT   0x20E9

Definition at line 474 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_AUX8_EXT   0x20EA

Definition at line 475 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_AUX9_EXT   0x20EB

Definition at line 476 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_AUX_BUFFERS   7

Definition at line 76 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_AUX_BUFFERS_BIT   0x00000010

Definition at line 124 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 466 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_BACK_LEFT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000004

Definition at line 127 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_BACK_LEFT_EXT   0x20E0

Definition at line 463 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_BACK_RIGHT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000008

Definition at line 128 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_BACK_RIGHT_EXT   0x20E1

Definition at line 464 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 93 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_BAD_CONTEXT   5

Definition at line 96 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_BAD_ENUM   7

Definition at line 98 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_BAD_SCREEN   1

Definition at line 92 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_BAD_VALUE   6

Definition at line 97 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_BAD_VISUAL   4

Definition at line 95 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 441 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 439 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 440 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 442 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_BLUE_SIZE   10

Definition at line 79 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_BUFFER_SIZE   2

Definition at line 71 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_BufferSwapComplete   1

Definition at line 196 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_COLOR_INDEX_BIT   0x00000002

Definition at line 166 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_COLOR_INDEX_TYPE   0x8015

Definition at line 150 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_CONFIG_CAVEAT   0x20

Definition at line 112 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_DAMAGED   0x8020

Definition at line 159 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000020

Definition at line 129 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_DEPTH_SIZE   12

Definition at line 81 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_DIRECT_COLOR   0x8003

Definition at line 135 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 113 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 74 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_DRAWABLE_TYPE   0x8010

Definition at line 145 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_EVENT_MASK   0x801F

Definition at line 158 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap   1

Definition at line 437 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 63 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_EXTENSIONS   3

Definition at line 106 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_FBCONFIG_ID   0x8013

Definition at line 148 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 390 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 465 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_FRONT_LEFT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000001

Definition at line 125 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_FRONT_LEFT_EXT   0x20DE

Definition at line 461 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_FRONT_RIGHT_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000002

Definition at line 126 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_FRONT_RIGHT_EXT   0x20DF

Definition at line 462 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_GRAY_SCALE   0x8006

Definition at line 138 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_GREEN_SIZE   9

Definition at line 78 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_HEIGHT   0x801E

Definition at line 157 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_LARGEST_PBUFFER   0x801C

Definition at line 155 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_LEVEL   3

Definition at line 72 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_MAX_PBUFFER_HEIGHT   0x8017

Definition at line 152 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_MAX_PBUFFER_PIXELS   0x8018

Definition at line 153 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_MAX_PBUFFER_WIDTH   0x8016

Definition at line 151 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_MESA_swap_control   1

Definition at line 420 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_MESA_swap_frame_usage   1

Definition at line 400 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 447 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_NO_EXTENSION   3

Definition at line 94 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 144 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_NONE   0x8000

Definition at line 132 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_NV_float_buffer   1

Definition at line 388 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_NV_vertex_array_range

The following aren't in glxext.h yet.

Definition at line 360 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_PBUFFER   0x8023

Definition at line 162 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_PBUFFER_BIT   0x00000004

Definition at line 123 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_PBUFFER_CLOBBER_MASK   0x08000000

Definition at line 167 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_PBUFFER_HEIGHT   0x8040

Definition at line 163 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_PBUFFER_WIDTH   0x8041

Definition at line 164 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_PbufferClobber   0

Definition at line 195 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_PIXMAP_BIT   0x00000002

Definition at line 122 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 154 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_PSEUDO_COLOR   0x8004

Definition at line 136 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_RED_SIZE   8

Definition at line 77 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_RENDER_TYPE   0x8011

Definition at line 146 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_RGBA   4

Definition at line 73 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_RGBA_BIT   0x00000001

Definition at line 165 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_RGBA_TYPE   0x8014

Definition at line 149 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_SAMPLE_BUFFERS   0x186a0 /*100000*/

Definition at line 173 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_SAMPLES   0x186a1 /*100001*/

Definition at line 174 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_SAVED   0x8021

Definition at line 160 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_SCREEN   0x800C

Definition at line 143 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_SLOW_CONFIG   0x8001

Definition at line 133 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_STATIC_COLOR   0x8005

Definition at line 137 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_STATIC_GRAY   0x8007

Definition at line 139 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT   0x00000040

Definition at line 130 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_STENCIL_SIZE   13

Definition at line 82 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_STEREO   6

Definition at line 75 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_1D_BIT_EXT   0x00000001

Definition at line 453 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_1D_EXT   0x20DB

Definition at line 457 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_2D_BIT_EXT   0x00000002

Definition at line 454 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_2D_EXT   0x20DC

Definition at line 458 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 445 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 449 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 450 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 451 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_BIT_EXT   0x00000004

Definition at line 455 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 459 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 446 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 120 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 119 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 118 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_TRANSPARENT_INDEX   0x8009

Definition at line 141 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 116 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 117 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_TRANSPARENT_RGB   0x8008

Definition at line 140 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 115 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_TRUE_COLOR   0x8002

Definition at line 134 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_USE_GL   1

Definition at line 70 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_VENDOR   1

Definition at line 104 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_VERSION   2

Definition at line 105 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_VERSION_1_1   1

Definition at line 58 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_VERSION_1_2   1

Definition at line 59 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_VERSION_1_3   1

Definition at line 60 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_VERSION_1_4   1

Definition at line 61 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_VISUAL_ID   0x800B

Definition at line 142 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_WIDTH   0x801D

Definition at line 156 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_WINDOW   0x8022

Definition at line 161 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_WINDOW_BIT   0x00000001

Definition at line 121 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_X_RENDERABLE   0x8012

Definition at line 147 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_X_VISUAL_TYPE   0x22

Definition at line 114 of file glx.h.

#define GLX_Y_INVERTED_EXT   0x20D4

Definition at line 443 of file glx.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* __GLXextFuncPtr)(void)

Definition at line 330 of file glx.h.

typedef struct __GLXcontextRec* GLXContext

Definition at line 178 of file glx.h.

typedef XID GLXContextID

Definition at line 184 of file glx.h.

typedef XID GLXDrawable

Definition at line 180 of file glx.h.

typedef union __GLXEvent GLXEvent
typedef struct __GLXFBConfigRec* GLXFBConfig

Definition at line 182 of file glx.h.

typedef XID GLXFBConfigID

Definition at line 183 of file glx.h.

typedef XID GLXPbuffer

Definition at line 186 of file glx.h.

typedef XID GLXPixmap

Definition at line 179 of file glx.h.

typedef XID GLXWindow

Definition at line 185 of file glx.h.

typedef void*( * PFNGLXALLOCATEMEMORYNVPROC)(GLsizei size, GLfloat readfreq, GLfloat writefreq, GLfloat priority)

Definition at line 364 of file glx.h.

typedef int(* PFNGLXBEGINFRAMETRACKINGMESAPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable)

Definition at line 408 of file glx.h.

typedef GLXFBConfig*(* PFNGLXCHOOSEFBCONFIGPROC)(Display *dpy, int screen, const int *attrib_list, int *nelements)

Definition at line 305 of file glx.h.

typedef GLXContext(* PFNGLXCREATENEWCONTEXTPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, int render_type, GLXContext share_list, Bool direct)

Definition at line 315 of file glx.h.

typedef GLXPbuffer(* PFNGLXCREATEPBUFFERPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, const int *attrib_list)

Definition at line 312 of file glx.h.

typedef GLXPixmap(* PFNGLXCREATEPIXMAPPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, Pixmap pixmap, const int *attrib_list)

Definition at line 310 of file glx.h.

typedef GLXWindow(* PFNGLXCREATEWINDOWPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, Window win, const int *attrib_list)

Definition at line 308 of file glx.h.

typedef void(* PFNGLXDESTROYPBUFFERPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXPbuffer pbuf)

Definition at line 313 of file glx.h.

typedef void(* PFNGLXDESTROYPIXMAPPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXPixmap pixmap)

Definition at line 311 of file glx.h.

typedef void(* PFNGLXDESTROYWINDOWPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXWindow win)

Definition at line 309 of file glx.h.

typedef int(* PFNGLXENDFRAMETRACKINGMESAPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable)

Definition at line 409 of file glx.h.

typedef void( * PFNGLXFREEMEMORYNVPROC)(GLvoid *pointer)

Definition at line 365 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 318 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 317 of file glx.h.

typedef int(* PFNGLXGETFBCONFIGATTRIBPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config, int attribute, int *value)

Definition at line 306 of file glx.h.

typedef GLXFBConfig*(* PFNGLXGETFBCONFIGSPROC)(Display *dpy, int screen, int *nelements)

Definition at line 304 of file glx.h.

typedef int(* PFNGLXGETFRAMEUSAGEMESAPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, float *usage)

Definition at line 407 of file glx.h.

typedef __GLXextFuncPtr(* PFNGLXGETPROCADDRESSPROC)(const GLubyte *procName)

Definition at line 341 of file glx.h.

typedef void(* PFNGLXGETSELECTEDEVENTPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, unsigned long *event_mask)

Definition at line 321 of file glx.h.


Definition at line 426 of file glx.h.

typedef XVisualInfo*(* PFNGLXGETVISUALFROMFBCONFIGPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXFBConfig config)

Definition at line 307 of file glx.h.

typedef Bool(* PFNGLXMAKECONTEXTCURRENTPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, GLXDrawable read, GLXContext ctx)

Definition at line 316 of file glx.h.

typedef int(* PFNGLXQUERYCONTEXTPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXContext ctx, int attribute, int *value)

Definition at line 319 of file glx.h.

typedef void(* PFNGLXQUERYDRAWABLEPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, int attribute, unsigned int *value)

Definition at line 314 of file glx.h.

typedef int(* PFNGLXQUERYFRAMETRACKINGMESAPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable drawable, int64_t *swapCount, int64_t *missedFrames, float *lastMissedUsage)

Definition at line 410 of file glx.h.

typedef void(* PFNGLXSELECTEVENTPROC)(Display *dpy, GLXDrawable draw, unsigned long event_mask)

Definition at line 320 of file glx.h.

typedef int(* PFNGLXSWAPINTERVALMESAPROC)(unsigned int interval)

Definition at line 425 of file glx.h.

Function Documentation

void* glXAllocateMemoryNV ( GLsizei  size,
GLfloat  readfreq,
GLfloat  writefreq,
GLfloat  priority 
int glXBeginFrameTrackingMESA ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  drawable 
Bool glXBindTexImageARB ( Display *  dpy,
GLXPbuffer  pbuffer,
int  buffer 
void glXBindTexImageEXT ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  drawable,
int  buffer,
const int attrib_list 
GLXFBConfig* glXChooseFBConfig ( Display *  dpy,
int  screen,
const int attribList,
int nitems 
XVisualInfo* glXChooseVisual ( Display *  dpy,
int  screen,
int attribList 
void glXCopyContext ( Display *  dpy,
GLXContext  src,
GLXContext  dst,
unsigned long  mask 
GLXContext glXCreateContext ( Display *  dpy,
XVisualInfo *  vis,
GLXContext  shareList,
Bool  direct 
GLXPixmap glXCreateGLXPixmap ( Display *  dpy,
XVisualInfo *  visual,
Pixmap  pixmap 
GLXContext glXCreateNewContext ( Display *  dpy,
GLXFBConfig  config,
int  renderType,
GLXContext  shareList,
Bool  direct 
GLXPbuffer glXCreatePbuffer ( Display *  dpy,
GLXFBConfig  config,
const int attribList 
GLXPixmap glXCreatePixmap ( Display *  dpy,
GLXFBConfig  config,
Pixmap  pixmap,
const int attribList 
GLXWindow glXCreateWindow ( Display *  dpy,
GLXFBConfig  config,
Window  win,
const int attribList 
void glXDestroyContext ( Display *  dpy,
GLXContext  ctx 
void glXDestroyGLXPixmap ( Display *  dpy,
GLXPixmap  pixmap 
void glXDestroyPbuffer ( Display *  dpy,
GLXPbuffer  pbuf 
void glXDestroyPixmap ( Display *  dpy,
GLXPixmap  pixmap 
void glXDestroyWindow ( Display *  dpy,
GLXWindow  window 
Bool glXDrawableAttribARB ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  draw,
const int attribList 
int glXEndFrameTrackingMESA ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  drawable 
void glXFreeMemoryNV ( GLvoid pointer)
const char* glXGetClientString ( Display *  dpy,
int  name 
int glXGetConfig ( Display *  dpy,
XVisualInfo *  visual,
int  attrib,
int value 
GLXContext glXGetCurrentContext ( void  )
Display* glXGetCurrentDisplay ( void  )
GLXDrawable glXGetCurrentDrawable ( void  )
GLXDrawable glXGetCurrentReadDrawable ( void  )
int glXGetFBConfigAttrib ( Display *  dpy,
GLXFBConfig  config,
int  attribute,
int value 

Referenced by VisualInfo().

GLXFBConfig* glXGetFBConfigs ( Display *  dpy,
int  screen,
int nelements 

Referenced by VisualInfo().

int glXGetFrameUsageMESA ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  drawable,
float *  usage 
__GLXextFuncPtr glXGetProcAddressARB ( const GLubyte )
void glXGetSelectedEvent ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  drawable,
unsigned long *  mask 
int glXGetSwapIntervalMESA ( void  )
XVisualInfo* glXGetVisualFromFBConfig ( Display *  dpy,
GLXFBConfig  config 
Bool glXIsDirect ( Display *  dpy,
GLXContext  ctx 
Bool glXMakeContextCurrent ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  draw,
GLXDrawable  read,
GLXContext  ctx 
Bool glXMakeCurrent ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  drawable,
GLXContext  ctx 
int glXQueryContext ( Display *  dpy,
GLXContext  ctx,
int  attribute,
int value 
void glXQueryDrawable ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  draw,
int  attribute,
unsigned int value 
Bool glXQueryExtension ( Display *  dpy,
int errorb,
int event 
const char* glXQueryExtensionsString ( Display *  dpy,
int  screen 
int glXQueryFrameTrackingMESA ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  drawable,
int64_t swapCount,
int64_t missedFrames,
float *  lastMissedUsage 
const char* glXQueryServerString ( Display *  dpy,
int  screen,
int  name 
Bool glXQueryVersion ( Display *  dpy,
int maj,
int min 
Bool glXReleaseTexImageARB ( Display *  dpy,
GLXPbuffer  pbuffer,
int  buffer 
void glXReleaseTexImageEXT ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  drawable,
int  buffer 
void glXSelectEvent ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  drawable,
unsigned long  mask 
void glXSwapBuffers ( Display *  dpy,
GLXDrawable  drawable 
int glXSwapIntervalMESA ( unsigned int  interval)
void glXUseXFont ( Font  font,
int  first,
int  count,
int  list 
void glXWaitGL ( void  )
void glXWaitX ( void  )

Variable Documentation

void(*)( void ) glXGetProcAddress(const GLubyte *procname)