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gxvmort4.c File Reference
#include "gxvmort.h"

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#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_gxvmort


static GXV_LookupValueDesc gxv_mort_subtable_type4_lookupfmt4_transit (FT_UShort relative_gindex, GXV_LookupValueCPtr base_value_p, FT_Bytes lookuptbl_limit, GXV_Validator valid)
static void gxv_mort_subtable_type4_lookupval_validate (FT_UShort glyph, GXV_LookupValueCPtr value_p, GXV_Validator valid)
 gxv_mort_subtable_type4_validate (FT_Bytes table, FT_Bytes limit, GXV_Validator valid)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_gxvmort

Definition at line 38 of file gxvmort4.c.

Function Documentation

static GXV_LookupValueDesc gxv_mort_subtable_type4_lookupfmt4_transit ( FT_UShort  relative_gindex,
GXV_LookupValueCPtr  base_value_p,
FT_Bytes  lookuptbl_limit,
GXV_Validator  valid 
static void gxv_mort_subtable_type4_lookupval_validate ( FT_UShort  glyph,
GXV_LookupValueCPtr  value_p,
GXV_Validator  valid 

Definition at line 42 of file gxvmort4.c.

References FT_UNUSED, gxv_glyphid_validate(), and GXV_LookupValueDesc_::u.

Referenced by gxv_mort_subtable_type4_validate().