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gzwrite.c File Reference
#include "gzguts.h"

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local int gz_comp (gz_statep state, int flush)
local int gz_init (gz_statep state)
local int gz_zero (gz_statep state, z_off64_t len)
int ZEXPORT gzclose_w (gzFile file)
int ZEXPORT gzflush (gzFile file, int flush)
int ZEXPORTVA gzprintf (gzFile file, const char *format, int a1, int a2, int a3, int a4, int a5, int a6, int a7, int a8, int a9, int a10, int a11, int a12, int a13, int a14, int a15, int a16, int a17, int a18, int a19, int a20)
int ZEXPORT gzputc (gzFile file, int c)
int ZEXPORT gzputs (gzFile file, const char *str)
int ZEXPORT gzsetparams (gzFile file, int level, int strategy)
int ZEXPORT gzwrite (gzFile file, voidpc buf, unsigned len)
local int gz_init OF ((gz_statep))
local int gz_comp OF ((gz_statep, int))
local int gz_zero OF ((gz_statep, z_off64_t))

Function Documentation

local int gz_comp ( gz_statep  state,
int  flush 
local int gz_init ( gz_statep  state)

Definition at line 15 of file gzwrite.c.

References deflateInit2, free, gz_error(), malloc, NULL, ret, Z_DEFLATED, Z_MEM_ERROR, Z_NULL, and Z_OK.

Referenced by gz_comp(), gzprintf(), and gzwrite().

local int gz_zero ( gz_statep  state,
z_off64_t  len 

Definition at line 111 of file gzwrite.c.

References GT_OFF, gz_comp(), memset, Z_NO_FLUSH, and z_off64_t.

Referenced by gzclose_w(), gzflush(), gzprintf(), gzputc(), gzsetparams(), and gzwrite().

int ZEXPORT gzclose_w ( gzFile  file)

Definition at line 500 of file gzwrite.c.

References deflateEnd(), free, gz_comp(), gz_error(), GZ_WRITE, gz_zero(), NULL, ret, Z_ERRNO, Z_FINISH, Z_OK, and Z_STREAM_ERROR.

Referenced by gzclose().

int ZEXPORT gzflush ( gzFile  file,
int  flush 

Definition at line 426 of file gzwrite.c.

References gz_comp(), GZ_WRITE, gz_zero(), NULL, Z_FINISH, Z_OK, and Z_STREAM_ERROR.

int ZEXPORTVA gzprintf ( gzFile  file,
const char *  format,
int  a1,
int  a2,
int  a3,
int  a4,
int  a5,
int  a6,
int  a7,
int  a8,
int  a9,
int  a10,
int  a11,
int  a12,
int  a13,
int  a14,
int  a15,
int  a16,
int  a17,
int  a18,
int  a19,
int  a20 

Definition at line 352 of file gzwrite.c.

References gz_comp(), gz_init(), GZ_WRITE, gz_zero(), int, NULL, Z_NO_FLUSH, and Z_OK.

int ZEXPORT gzputc ( gzFile  file,
int  c 

Definition at line 221 of file gzwrite.c.

References GZ_WRITE, gz_zero(), gzwrite(), NULL, and Z_OK.

int ZEXPORT gzputs ( gzFile  file,
const char *  str 

Definition at line 264 of file gzwrite.c.

References gzwrite(), and ret.

int ZEXPORT gzsetparams ( gzFile  file,
int  level,
int  strategy 

Definition at line 458 of file gzwrite.c.

References deflateParams(), gz_comp(), GZ_WRITE, gz_zero(), NULL, Z_OK, Z_PARTIAL_FLUSH, and Z_STREAM_ERROR.

int ZEXPORT gzwrite ( gzFile  file,
voidpc  buf,
unsigned  len 

Definition at line 143 of file gzwrite.c.

References gz_comp(), gz_error(), gz_init(), GZ_WRITE, gz_zero(), memcpy, NULL, Z_BUF_ERROR, Z_NO_FLUSH, and Z_OK.

local int gz_init OF ( (gz_statep )
local int gz_comp OF ( (gz_statep, int )