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k_sin.c File Reference
#include "math_libm.h"
#include "math_private.h"

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 GET_HIGH_WORD (ix, x)
ixif (ix< 0x3e400000)
else return x ((z *(half *y-v *r)-y)-v *S1)


static double half = 5.00000000000000000000e-01
int32_t ix
int iy
 r = S2 + z * (S3 + z * (S4 + z * (S5 + z * S6)))
static double S1 = -1.66666666666666324348e-01
static double S2 = 8.33333333332248946124e-03
static double S3 = -1.98412698298579493134e-04
static double S4 = 2.75573137070700676789e-06
static double S5 = -2.50507602534068634195e-08
static double S6 = 1.58969099521155010221e-10
 v = z * x
double attribute_hidden double x
double attribute_hidden double y
 z = x * x

Function Documentation

ix& if ( )

Definition at line 76 of file k_sin.c.

else return x ( (z *(half *y-v *r)-y)-v S1)

Variable Documentation

double half = 5.00000000000000000000e-01

Definition at line 54 of file k_sin.c.

int32_t ix
Initial value:
double z, r, v
const GLdouble * v
Definition: glew.h:1377
GLdouble GLdouble GLdouble r
Definition: glew.h:1392
GLint GLint GLint GLint z
Definition: gl2ext.h:1214

Definition at line 71 of file k_sin.c.

int iy

Definition at line 69 of file k_sin.c.

Referenced by __ieee754_atan2(), __ieee754_pow(), and SDLTest_DrawCharacter().

return x v* S1 z* r = S2 + z * (S3 + z * (S4 + z * (S5 + z * S6)))

Definition at line 82 of file k_sin.c.

double S1 = -1.66666666666666324348e-01

Definition at line 55 of file k_sin.c.

double S2 = 8.33333333332248946124e-03

Definition at line 56 of file k_sin.c.

double S3 = -1.98412698298579493134e-04

Definition at line 57 of file k_sin.c.

double S4 = 2.75573137070700676789e-06

Definition at line 58 of file k_sin.c.

double S5 = -2.50507602534068634195e-08

Definition at line 59 of file k_sin.c.

double S6 = 1.58969099521155010221e-10

Definition at line 60 of file k_sin.c.

v = z * x

Definition at line 81 of file k_sin.c.

double attribute_hidden double x

Definition at line 68 of file k_sin.c.

double attribute_hidden double y

Definition at line 68 of file k_sin.c.

z = x * x

Definition at line 80 of file k_sin.c.