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lib3ds_chunk.c File Reference
#include "lib3ds_impl.h"

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void lib3ds_chunk_read (Lib3dsChunk *c, Lib3dsIo *io)
void lib3ds_chunk_read_end (Lib3dsChunk *c, Lib3dsIo *io)
uint16_t lib3ds_chunk_read_next (Lib3dsChunk *c, Lib3dsIo *io)
void lib3ds_chunk_read_reset (Lib3dsChunk *c, Lib3dsIo *io)
void lib3ds_chunk_read_start (Lib3dsChunk *c, uint16_t chunk, Lib3dsIo *io)
void lib3ds_chunk_read_tell (Lib3dsChunk *c, Lib3dsIo *io)
void lib3ds_chunk_unknown (uint16_t chunk, Lib3dsIo *io)
void lib3ds_chunk_write (Lib3dsChunk *c, Lib3dsIo *io)
void lib3ds_chunk_write_end (Lib3dsChunk *c, Lib3dsIo *io)
void lib3ds_chunk_write_start (Lib3dsChunk *c, Lib3dsIo *io)

Function Documentation

void lib3ds_chunk_read ( Lib3dsChunk c,
Lib3dsIo io 

Reads a 3d-Studio chunk header from a little endian file stream.

cThe chunk to store the data.
ioThe file stream.
True on success, False otherwise.

Definition at line 34 of file lib3ds_chunk.c.

References assert, Lib3dsChunk::chunk, Lib3dsChunk::cur, Lib3dsChunk::end, lib3ds_io_log(), lib3ds_io_read_dword(), lib3ds_io_read_word(), lib3ds_io_tell(), LIB3DS_LOG_ERROR, and Lib3dsChunk::size.

Referenced by lib3ds_atmosphere_read(), lib3ds_background_read(), lib3ds_chunk_read_start(), and lib3ds_shadow_read().