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lib3ds_mesh.c File Reference
#include "lib3ds_impl.h"

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typedef struct Lib3dsFaces Lib3dsFaces


static void face_array_read (Lib3dsFile *file, Lib3dsMesh *mesh, Lib3dsIo *io)
static void face_array_write (Lib3dsFile *file, Lib3dsMesh *mesh, Lib3dsIo *io)
static void flag_array_write (Lib3dsMesh *mesh, Lib3dsIo *io)
void lib3ds_mesh_bounding_box (Lib3dsMesh *mesh, float bmin[3], float bmax[3])
void lib3ds_mesh_calculate_face_normals (Lib3dsMesh *mesh, float(*face_normals)[3])
void lib3ds_mesh_calculate_vertex_normals (Lib3dsMesh *mesh, float(*normals)[3])
void lib3ds_mesh_free (Lib3dsMesh *mesh)
Lib3dsMeshlib3ds_mesh_new (const char *name)
void lib3ds_mesh_read (Lib3dsFile *file, Lib3dsMesh *mesh, Lib3dsIo *io)
void lib3ds_mesh_resize_faces (Lib3dsMesh *mesh, int nfaces)
void lib3ds_mesh_resize_vertices (Lib3dsMesh *mesh, int nvertices, int use_texcos, int use_flags)
void lib3ds_mesh_write (Lib3dsFile *file, Lib3dsMesh *mesh, Lib3dsIo *io)
static void point_array_write (Lib3dsMesh *mesh, Lib3dsIo *io)
static void texco_array_write (Lib3dsMesh *mesh, Lib3dsIo *io)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct Lib3dsFaces Lib3dsFaces

Function Documentation

static void flag_array_write ( Lib3dsMesh mesh,
Lib3dsIo io