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lib3ds_quat.c File Reference
#include "lib3ds_impl.h"

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void lib3ds_quat_axis_angle (float c[4], float axis[3], float angle)
void lib3ds_quat_cnj (float c[4])
void lib3ds_quat_copy (float dest[4], float src[4])
float lib3ds_quat_dot (float a[4], float b[4])
void lib3ds_quat_dump (float q[4])
void lib3ds_quat_exp (float c[4])
void lib3ds_quat_identity (float c[4])
void lib3ds_quat_inv (float c[4])
void lib3ds_quat_ln (float c[4])
void lib3ds_quat_ln_dif (float c[4], float a[4], float b[4])
void lib3ds_quat_mul (float c[4], float a[4], float b[4])
void lib3ds_quat_neg (float c[4])
float lib3ds_quat_norm (float c[4])
void lib3ds_quat_normalize (float c[4])
void lib3ds_quat_scalar (float c[4], float k)
void lib3ds_quat_slerp (float c[4], float a[4], float b[4], float t)
void lib3ds_quat_squad (float c[4], float a[4], float p[4], float q[4], float b[4], float t)
void lib3ds_quat_tangent (float c[4], float p[4], float q[4], float n[4])

Function Documentation

void lib3ds_quat_dump ( float  q[4])

Definition at line 291 of file lib3ds_quat.c.