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lsp.h File Reference

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int vorbis_lpc_to_lsp (float *lpc, float *lsp, int m)
void vorbis_lsp_to_curve (float *curve, int *map, int n, int ln, float *lsp, int m, float amp, float ampoffset)

Function Documentation

int vorbis_lpc_to_lsp ( float *  lpc,
float *  lsp,
int  m 

Definition at line 405 of file lsp.c.

References cheby(), comp(), i, Laguerre_With_Deflation(), m, Newton_Raphson(), and qsort().

void vorbis_lsp_to_curve ( float *  curve,
int map,
int  n,
int  ln,
float *  lsp,
int  m,
float  amp,
float  ampoffset 

Definition at line 248 of file lsp.c.

References cos(), fromdB, i, j, m, and M_PI.

Referenced by floor0_inverse2().