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otvjstf.c File Reference
#include "otvalid.h"
#include "otvcommn.h"
#include "otvgpos.h"

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#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_otvjstf
#define JstfLookupFunc   otv_GPOS_subtable_validate
#define JstfPriorityFunc   otv_JstfPriority_validate


 otv_JSTF_validate (FT_Bytes table, FT_Bytes gsub, FT_Bytes gpos, FT_UInt glyph_count, FT_Validator ftvalid)
static void otv_JstfPriority_validate (FT_Bytes table, OTV_Validator valid)
static void otv_JstfScript_validate (FT_Bytes table, OTV_Validator valid)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_otvjstf

Definition at line 31 of file otvjstf.c.

#define JstfLookupFunc   otv_GPOS_subtable_validate

Definition at line 35 of file otvjstf.c.

#define JstfPriorityFunc   otv_JstfPriority_validate

Definition at line 34 of file otvjstf.c.

Function Documentation

otv_JSTF_validate ( FT_Bytes  table,
FT_Bytes  gsub,
FT_Bytes  gpos,
FT_UInt  glyph_count,
FT_Validator  ftvalid 
static void otv_JstfPriority_validate ( FT_Bytes  table,
OTV_Validator  valid 
static void otv_JstfScript_validate ( FT_Bytes  table,
OTV_Validator  valid