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pfrload.h File Reference
#include "pfrobjs.h"

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struct  PFR_ExtraItemRec_


#define PFR_CHECK(x)
#define PFR_NEXT_BYTE(p)   FT_NEXT_BYTE( p )
#define PFR_NEXT_INT8(p)   FT_NEXT_CHAR( p )
#define PFR_NEXT_LONG(p)   FT_NEXT_OFF3( p )
#define PFR_NEXT_SHORT(p)   FT_NEXT_SHORT( p )
#define PFR_NEXT_ULONG(p)   FT_NEXT_UOFF3( p )


typedef struct PFR_ExtraItemRec_PFR_ExtraItem
typedef FT_Error(* PFR_ExtraItem_ParseFunc )(FT_Byte *p, FT_Byte *limit, FT_Pointer data)
typedef struct PFR_ExtraItemRec_ PFR_ExtraItemRec


 pfr_extra_items_parse (FT_Byte **pp, FT_Byte *limit, PFR_ExtraItem item_list, FT_Pointer item_data)
 pfr_extra_items_skip (FT_Byte **pp, FT_Byte *limit)
 pfr_header_check (PFR_Header header)
 pfr_header_load (PFR_Header header, FT_Stream stream)
 pfr_log_font_count (FT_Stream stream, FT_UInt32 log_section_offset, FT_UInt *acount)
 pfr_log_font_load (PFR_LogFont log_font, FT_Stream stream, FT_UInt face_index, FT_UInt32 section_offset, FT_Bool size_increment)
 pfr_phy_font_done (PFR_PhyFont phy_font, FT_Memory memory)
 pfr_phy_font_load (PFR_PhyFont phy_font, FT_Stream stream, FT_UInt32 offset, FT_UInt32 size)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define PFR_CHECK (   x)
do \
{ \
if ( p + (x) > limit ) \
goto Too_Short; \
} while ( 0 )
EGLSurface EGLint x
Definition: eglext.h:293
GLfloat GLfloat p
Definition: glew.h:14938
GLint limit
Definition: glew.h:11829

Definition at line 31 of file pfrload.h.

Referenced by pfr_extra_item_load_bitmap_info(), pfr_extra_item_load_kerning_pairs(), pfr_extra_item_load_stem_snaps(), pfr_extra_items_parse(), pfr_glyph_load_compound(), pfr_glyph_load_simple(), pfr_load_bitmap_metrics(), pfr_log_font_load(), and pfr_phy_font_load().

#define PFR_NEXT_INT8 (   p)    FT_NEXT_CHAR( p )
#define PFR_NEXT_LONG (   p)    FT_NEXT_OFF3( p )

Definition at line 42 of file pfrload.h.

Referenced by pfr_glyph_load_compound(), pfr_load_bitmap_metrics(), and pfr_log_font_load().

#define PFR_NEXT_ULONG (   p)    FT_NEXT_UOFF3( p )

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 60 of file pfrload.h.

typedef FT_Error(* PFR_ExtraItem_ParseFunc)(FT_Byte *p, FT_Byte *limit, FT_Pointer data)

Definition at line 49 of file pfrload.h.

Function Documentation

pfr_extra_items_parse ( FT_Byte **  pp,
FT_Byte limit,
PFR_ExtraItem  item_list,
FT_Pointer  item_data 
pfr_extra_items_skip ( FT_Byte **  pp,
FT_Byte limit 

Definition at line 39 of file pfrload.c.

References NULL, and pfr_extra_items_parse().

Referenced by pfr_glyph_load_compound(), pfr_glyph_load_simple(), and pfr_log_font_load().

pfr_header_check ( PFR_Header  header)

Definition at line 173 of file pfrload.c.

References FT_Bool.

Referenced by pfr_face_init().

pfr_header_load ( PFR_Header  header,
FT_Stream  stream 

Definition at line 153 of file pfrload.c.


Referenced by pfr_face_init().

pfr_log_font_count ( FT_Stream  stream,
FT_UInt32  log_section_offset,
FT_UInt acount 

Definition at line 200 of file pfrload.c.

References error, FT_READ_USHORT, and FT_STREAM_SEEK.

Referenced by pfr_face_init().

pfr_phy_font_done ( PFR_PhyFont  phy_font,
FT_Memory  memory 

Definition at line 668 of file pfrload.c.

References FT_FREE, PFR_KernItemRec_::next, and NULL.

Referenced by pfr_face_done().