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pngmem.c File Reference
#include "pngpriv.h"

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void png_destroy_struct (png_voidp struct_ptr)
void png_destroy_struct_2 (png_voidp struct_ptr, png_free_ptr free_fn, png_voidp mem_ptr)
void PNGAPI png_free (png_structp png_ptr, png_voidp ptr)
void PNGAPI png_free_default (png_structp png_ptr, png_voidp ptr)
 PNG_FUNCTION (png_voidp, png_create_struct,(int type), PNG_ALLOCATED)
 PNG_FUNCTION (png_voidp, png_create_struct_2,(int type, png_malloc_ptr malloc_fn, png_voidp mem_ptr), PNG_ALLOCATED)
 PNG_FUNCTION (png_voidp, PNGAPI png_calloc,(png_structp png_ptr, png_alloc_size_t size), PNG_ALLOCATED)
png_voidp PNGAPI png_get_mem_ptr (png_const_structp png_ptr)
void PNGAPI png_set_mem_fn (png_structp png_ptr, png_voidp mem_ptr, png_malloc_ptr malloc_fn, png_free_ptr free_fn)

Function Documentation

void png_destroy_struct ( png_voidp  struct_ptr)
void png_destroy_struct_2 ( png_voidp  struct_ptr,
png_free_ptr  free_fn,
png_voidp  mem_ptr 
void PNGAPI png_free_default ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_voidp  ptr 

Definition at line 595 of file pngmem.c.

References free, and NULL.

Referenced by png_free().

PNG_FUNCTION ( png_voidp  ,
png_create_struct  ,
(int type ,

Definition at line 377 of file pngmem.c.

References NULL.

PNG_FUNCTION ( png_voidp  ,
png_create_struct_2  ,
(int type, png_malloc_ptr malloc_fn, png_voidp mem_ptr)  ,

Definition at line 387 of file pngmem.c.

References malloc, NULL, png_memset, png_sizeof, PNG_STRUCT_INFO, and PNG_STRUCT_PNG.

PNG_FUNCTION ( png_voidp  ,
PNGAPI  png_calloc,
(png_structp png_ptr, png_alloc_size_t size ,

Definition at line 484 of file pngmem.c.

References NULL, png_memset, and ret.

png_voidp PNGAPI png_get_mem_ptr ( png_const_structp  png_ptr)

Definition at line 659 of file pngmem.c.

References NULL.

void PNGAPI png_set_mem_fn ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_voidp  mem_ptr,
png_malloc_ptr  malloc_fn,
png_free_ptr  free_fn 

Definition at line 643 of file pngmem.c.

References NULL.

Referenced by PNG_FUNCTION().