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pngwutil.c File Reference
#include "pngpriv.h"

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#define PNG_HIMASK   ((png_uint_32)(~PNG_LOMASK >> PNG_HISHIFT))
#define PNG_HISHIFT   10
#define PNG_LOMASK   ((png_uint_32)0xffffL)
#define PNG_MAXSUM   (((png_uint_32)(-1)) >> 1)


png_size_t png_check_keyword (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_charp key, png_charpp new_key)
void png_do_write_interlace (png_row_infop row_info, png_bytep row, int pass)
void PNGAPI png_save_int_32 (png_bytep buf, png_int_32 i)
void PNGAPI png_save_uint_16 (png_bytep buf, unsigned int i)
void PNGAPI png_save_uint_32 (png_bytep buf, png_uint_32 i)
static int png_text_compress (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_charp text, png_size_t text_len, int compression, compression_state *comp)
void png_write_bKGD (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_color_16p back, int color_type)
void png_write_cHRM_fixed (png_structp png_ptr, png_fixed_point white_x, png_fixed_point white_y, png_fixed_point red_x, png_fixed_point red_y, png_fixed_point green_x, png_fixed_point green_y, png_fixed_point blue_x, png_fixed_point blue_y)
void PNGAPI png_write_chunk (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_bytep chunk_string, png_const_bytep data, png_size_t length)
void PNGAPI png_write_chunk_data (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_bytep data, png_size_t length)
void PNGAPI png_write_chunk_end (png_structp png_ptr)
static void png_write_chunk_header (png_structp png_ptr, png_uint_32 chunk_name, png_uint_32 length)
void PNGAPI png_write_chunk_start (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_bytep chunk_string, png_uint_32 length)
static void png_write_complete_chunk (png_structp png_ptr, png_uint_32 chunk_name, png_const_bytep data, png_size_t length)
static void png_write_compressed_data_out (png_structp png_ptr, compression_state *comp)
static void png_write_filtered_row (png_structp png_ptr, png_bytep filtered_row, png_size_t row_bytes)
void png_write_find_filter (png_structp png_ptr, png_row_infop row_info)
void png_write_finish_row (png_structp png_ptr)
void png_write_gAMA_fixed (png_structp png_ptr, png_fixed_point file_gamma)
void png_write_hIST (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_uint_16p hist, int num_hist)
void png_write_iCCP (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_charp name, int compression_type, png_const_charp profile, int profile_len)
void png_write_IDAT (png_structp png_ptr, png_bytep data, png_size_t length)
void png_write_IEND (png_structp png_ptr)
void png_write_IHDR (png_structp png_ptr, png_uint_32 width, png_uint_32 height, int bit_depth, int color_type, int compression_type, int filter_type, int interlace_type)
void png_write_iTXt (png_structp png_ptr, int compression, png_const_charp key, png_const_charp lang, png_const_charp lang_key, png_const_charp text)
void png_write_oFFs (png_structp png_ptr, png_int_32 x_offset, png_int_32 y_offset, int unit_type)
void png_write_pCAL (png_structp png_ptr, png_charp purpose, png_int_32 X0, png_int_32 X1, int type, int nparams, png_const_charp units, png_charpp params)
void png_write_pHYs (png_structp png_ptr, png_uint_32 x_pixels_per_unit, png_uint_32 y_pixels_per_unit, int unit_type)
void png_write_PLTE (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_colorp palette, png_uint_32 num_pal)
void png_write_sBIT (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_color_8p sbit, int color_type)
void png_write_sCAL_s (png_structp png_ptr, int unit, png_const_charp width, png_const_charp height)
void PNGAPI png_write_sig (png_structp png_ptr)
void png_write_sPLT (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_sPLT_tp spalette)
void png_write_sRGB (png_structp png_ptr, int srgb_intent)
void png_write_start_row (png_structp png_ptr)
void png_write_tEXt (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_charp key, png_const_charp text, png_size_t text_len)
void png_write_tIME (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_timep mod_time)
void png_write_tRNS (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_bytep trans_alpha, png_const_color_16p tran, int num_trans, int color_type)
void png_write_zTXt (png_structp png_ptr, png_const_charp key, png_const_charp text, png_size_t text_len, int compression)
static void png_zlib_claim (png_structp png_ptr, png_uint_32 state)
static void png_zlib_release (png_structp png_ptr)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define PNG_HIMASK   ((png_uint_32)(~PNG_LOMASK >> PNG_HISHIFT))

Definition at line 2423 of file pngwutil.c.

Referenced by png_write_find_filter().

#define PNG_HISHIFT   10

Definition at line 2421 of file pngwutil.c.

Referenced by png_write_find_filter().

#define PNG_LOMASK   ((png_uint_32)0xffffL)

Definition at line 2422 of file pngwutil.c.

Referenced by png_write_find_filter().

#define PNG_MAXSUM   (((png_uint_32)(-1)) >> 1)

Definition at line 2420 of file pngwutil.c.

Referenced by png_write_find_filter().

Function Documentation

void png_do_write_interlace ( png_row_infop  row_info,
png_bytep  row,
int  pass 

Definition at line 2241 of file pngwutil.c.

References d, i, int, PNG_CONST, png_debug, png_memcpy, and PNG_ROWBYTES.

Referenced by png_write_row().

void PNGAPI png_save_int_32 ( png_bytep  buf,
png_int_32  i 

Definition at line 40 of file pngwutil.c.

Referenced by png_write_oFFs(), and png_write_pCAL().

void PNGAPI png_save_uint_16 ( png_bytep  buf,
unsigned int  i 
void png_write_cHRM_fixed ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_fixed_point  white_x,
png_fixed_point  white_y,
png_fixed_point  red_x,
png_fixed_point  red_y,
png_fixed_point  green_x,
png_fixed_point  green_y,
png_fixed_point  blue_x,
png_fixed_point  blue_y 
void PNGAPI png_write_chunk ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_const_bytep  chunk_string,
png_const_bytep  data,
png_size_t  length 
void PNGAPI png_write_chunk_start ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_const_bytep  chunk_string,
png_uint_32  length 

Definition at line 132 of file pngwutil.c.

References PNG_CHUNK_FROM_STRING, and png_write_chunk_header().

static void png_write_compressed_data_out ( png_structp  png_ptr,
compression_state *  comp 
static void png_write_filtered_row ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_bytep  filtered_row,
png_size_t  row_bytes 
void png_write_gAMA_fixed ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_fixed_point  file_gamma 

Definition at line 1061 of file pngwutil.c.

References png_debug, png_gAMA, png_save_uint_32(), and png_write_complete_chunk().

Referenced by png_write_info_before_PLTE().

void png_write_hIST ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_const_uint_16p  hist,
int  num_hist 
void png_write_IDAT ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_bytep  data,
png_size_t  length 
void png_write_IEND ( png_structp  png_ptr)

Definition at line 1050 of file pngwutil.c.

References NULL, png_debug, PNG_HAVE_IEND, png_IEND, and png_write_complete_chunk().

Referenced by png_write_end().

void png_write_oFFs ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_int_32  x_offset,
png_int_32  y_offset,
int  unit_type 
void png_write_pHYs ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_uint_32  x_pixels_per_unit,
png_uint_32  y_pixels_per_unit,
int  unit_type 
void png_write_sBIT ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_const_color_8p  sbit,
int  color_type 
void png_write_sCAL_s ( png_structp  png_ptr,
int  unit,
png_const_charp  width,
png_const_charp  height 
void PNGAPI png_write_sig ( png_structp  png_ptr)
void png_write_sRGB ( png_structp  png_ptr,
int  srgb_intent 
void png_write_tIME ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_const_timep  mod_time 
void png_write_tRNS ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_const_bytep  trans_alpha,
png_const_color_16p  tran,
int  num_trans,
int  color_type 
static void png_zlib_claim ( png_structp  png_ptr,
png_uint_32  state