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pshglob.c File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>
#include <FT_FREETYPE_H>
#include "pshglob.h"

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static void psh_blues_scale_zones (PSH_Blues blues, FT_Fixed scale, FT_Pos delta)
static void psh_blues_set_zones (PSH_Blues target, FT_UInt count, FT_Short *blues, FT_UInt count_others, FT_Short *other_blues, FT_Int fuzz, FT_Int family)
static void psh_blues_set_zones_0 (PSH_Blues target, FT_Bool is_others, FT_UInt read_count, FT_Short *read, PSH_Blue_Table top_table, PSH_Blue_Table bot_table)
 psh_blues_snap_stem (PSH_Blues blues, FT_Int stem_top, FT_Int stem_bot, PSH_Alignment alignment)
static void psh_globals_destroy (PSH_Globals globals)
 psh_globals_funcs_init (PSH_Globals_FuncsRec *funcs)
static FT_Error psh_globals_new (FT_Memory memory, T1_Private *priv, PSH_Globals *aglobals)
static void psh_globals_scale_widths (PSH_Globals globals, FT_UInt direction)
 psh_globals_set_scale (PSH_Globals globals, FT_Fixed x_scale, FT_Fixed y_scale, FT_Fixed x_delta, FT_Fixed y_delta)

Function Documentation

static void psh_blues_set_zones_0 ( PSH_Blues  target,
FT_Bool  is_others,
FT_UInt  read_count,
FT_Short read,
PSH_Blue_Table  top_table,
PSH_Blue_Table  bot_table 
static void psh_globals_destroy ( PSH_Globals  globals)

Definition at line 597 of file pshglob.c.

References FT_FREE.

Referenced by psh_globals_funcs_init().

psh_globals_funcs_init ( PSH_Globals_FuncsRec funcs)

Definition at line 742 of file pshglob.c.

References psh_globals_destroy(), psh_globals_new(), and psh_globals_set_scale().

Referenced by ps_hinter_init().

psh_globals_set_scale ( PSH_Globals  globals,
FT_Fixed  x_scale,
FT_Fixed  y_scale,
FT_Fixed  x_delta,
FT_Fixed  y_delta