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__DRIsystemTimeExtensionRec Struct Reference

#include <dri_interface.h>

Public Attributes

__DRIextension base
GLboolean(* getMSCRate )(__DRIdrawable *draw, int32_t *numerator, int32_t *denominator, void *loaderPrivate)
int(* getUST )(int64_t *ust)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 337 of file dri_interface.h.

Member Data Documentation

__DRIextension __DRIsystemTimeExtensionRec::base

Definition at line 338 of file dri_interface.h.

GLboolean(* __DRIsystemTimeExtensionRec::getMSCRate)(__DRIdrawable *draw, int32_t *numerator, int32_t *denominator, void *loaderPrivate)

Get the media stream counter (MSC) rate.

Matching the definition in GLX_OML_sync_control, this function returns the rate of the "media stream counter". In practical terms, this is the frame refresh rate of the display.

Definition at line 352 of file dri_interface.h.

int(* __DRIsystemTimeExtensionRec::getUST)(int64_t *ust)

Get the 64-bit unadjusted system time (UST).

Definition at line 343 of file dri_interface.h.

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