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BackendFuncs Struct Reference

#include <alMain.h>

Public Attributes

ALCuint(* AvailableSamples )(ALCdevice *)
ALCenum(* CaptureSamples )(ALCdevice *, void *, ALCuint)
void(* CloseCapture )(ALCdevice *)
void(* ClosePlayback )(ALCdevice *)
ALint64(* GetLatency )(ALCdevice *)
void(* Lock )(ALCdevice *)
ALCenum(* OpenCapture )(ALCdevice *, const ALCchar *)
ALCenum(* OpenPlayback )(ALCdevice *, const ALCchar *)
ALCboolean(* ResetPlayback )(ALCdevice *)
void(* StartCapture )(ALCdevice *)
ALCboolean(* StartPlayback )(ALCdevice *)
void(* StopCapture )(ALCdevice *)
void(* StopPlayback )(ALCdevice *)
void(* Unlock )(ALCdevice *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 388 of file alMain.h.

Member Data Documentation

ALCuint(* BackendFuncs::AvailableSamples)(ALCdevice *)

Definition at line 400 of file alMain.h.

ALCenum(* BackendFuncs::CaptureSamples)(ALCdevice *, void *, ALCuint)

Definition at line 399 of file alMain.h.

void(* BackendFuncs::CloseCapture)(ALCdevice *)

Definition at line 396 of file alMain.h.

void(* BackendFuncs::ClosePlayback)(ALCdevice *)

Definition at line 390 of file alMain.h.

ALint64(* BackendFuncs::GetLatency)(ALCdevice *)

Definition at line 405 of file alMain.h.

void(* BackendFuncs::Lock)(ALCdevice *)

Definition at line 402 of file alMain.h.

ALCenum(* BackendFuncs::OpenCapture)(ALCdevice *, const ALCchar *)

Definition at line 395 of file alMain.h.

ALCenum(* BackendFuncs::OpenPlayback)(ALCdevice *, const ALCchar *)

Definition at line 389 of file alMain.h.

ALCboolean(* BackendFuncs::ResetPlayback)(ALCdevice *)

Definition at line 391 of file alMain.h.

void(* BackendFuncs::StartCapture)(ALCdevice *)

Definition at line 397 of file alMain.h.

ALCboolean(* BackendFuncs::StartPlayback)(ALCdevice *)

Definition at line 392 of file alMain.h.

void(* BackendFuncs::StopCapture)(ALCdevice *)

Definition at line 398 of file alMain.h.

void(* BackendFuncs::StopPlayback)(ALCdevice *)

Definition at line 393 of file alMain.h.

void(* BackendFuncs::Unlock)(ALCdevice *)

Definition at line 403 of file alMain.h.

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