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SDL_Surface Struct Reference

A collection of pixels used in software blitting. More...

#include <SDL_surface.h>

Public Attributes

SDL_Rect clip_rect
Uint32 flags
int h
int locked
struct SDL_BlitMapmap
int pitch
int refcount
int w

Detailed Description

A collection of pixels used in software blitting.

This structure should be treated as read-only, except for pixels, which, if not NULL, contains the raw pixel data for the surface.

Definition at line 69 of file SDL_surface.h.

Member Data Documentation

void* SDL_Surface::lock_data


Definition at line 82 of file SDL_surface.h.

int SDL_Surface::locked

information needed for surfaces requiring locks Read-only

Definition at line 81 of file SDL_surface.h.

Referenced by SDL_FreeSurface(), SDL_LockSurface(), SDL_UnlockSurface(), SDL_UpperBlit(), and SDL_UpperBlitScaled().

int SDL_Surface::refcount

Reference count – used when freeing surface Read-mostly

Definition at line 91 of file SDL_surface.h.

Referenced by SDL_CreateRGBSurface(), SDL_CreateSurfaceOnStack(), SDL_FreeSurface(), SDL_InvalidateMap(), and SDL_MapSurface().

void* SDL_Surface::userdata

Application data associated with the surface Read-write

Definition at line 78 of file SDL_surface.h.

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