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T1_ParserRec_ Struct Reference

#include <t1parse.h>

Public Attributes

FT_ULong base_len
FT_Bool in_memory
FT_Bool in_pfb
FT_ULong private_len
PS_ParserRec root
FT_Bool single_block
FT_Stream stream

Detailed Description

Definition at line 61 of file t1parse.h.

Member Data Documentation

FT_Byte* T1_ParserRec_::base_dict

Definition at line 66 of file t1parse.h.

FT_ULong T1_ParserRec_::base_len

Definition at line 67 of file t1parse.h.

FT_Bool T1_ParserRec_::in_memory

Definition at line 73 of file t1parse.h.

FT_Bool T1_ParserRec_::in_pfb

Definition at line 72 of file t1parse.h.

FT_Byte* T1_ParserRec_::private_dict

Definition at line 69 of file t1parse.h.

FT_ULong T1_ParserRec_::private_len

Definition at line 70 of file t1parse.h.

PS_ParserRec T1_ParserRec_::root

Definition at line 63 of file t1parse.h.

FT_Bool T1_ParserRec_::single_block

Definition at line 74 of file t1parse.h.

FT_Stream T1_ParserRec_::stream

Definition at line 64 of file t1parse.h.

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