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TT_GraphicsState_ Struct Reference

#include <ttobjs.h>

Public Attributes

FT_Bool auto_flip
FT_F26Dot6 control_value_cutin
FT_Short delta_base
FT_Short delta_shift
FT_UnitVector dualVector
FT_UnitVector freeVector
FT_UShort gep0
FT_UShort gep1
FT_UShort gep2
FT_Byte instruct_control
FT_Long loop
FT_F26Dot6 minimum_distance
FT_UnitVector projVector
FT_Int round_state
FT_UShort rp0
FT_UShort rp1
FT_UShort rp2
FT_Bool scan_control
FT_Int scan_type
FT_F26Dot6 single_width_cutin
FT_F26Dot6 single_width_value

Detailed Description

Definition at line 76 of file ttobjs.h.

Member Data Documentation

FT_Bool TT_GraphicsState_::auto_flip

Definition at line 94 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_F26Dot6 TT_GraphicsState_::control_value_cutin

Definition at line 95 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_Short TT_GraphicsState_::delta_base

Definition at line 98 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_Short TT_GraphicsState_::delta_shift

Definition at line 99 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_UnitVector TT_GraphicsState_::dualVector

Definition at line 82 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_UnitVector TT_GraphicsState_::freeVector

Definition at line 84 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_UShort TT_GraphicsState_::gep0

Definition at line 109 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_UShort TT_GraphicsState_::gep1

Definition at line 110 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_UShort TT_GraphicsState_::gep2

Definition at line 111 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_Byte TT_GraphicsState_::instruct_control

Definition at line 101 of file ttobjs.h.

Referenced by tt_loader_init().

FT_Long TT_GraphicsState_::loop

Definition at line 90 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_F26Dot6 TT_GraphicsState_::minimum_distance

Definition at line 91 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_UnitVector TT_GraphicsState_::projVector

Definition at line 83 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_Int TT_GraphicsState_::round_state

Definition at line 92 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_UShort TT_GraphicsState_::rp0

Definition at line 78 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_UShort TT_GraphicsState_::rp1

Definition at line 79 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_UShort TT_GraphicsState_::rp2

Definition at line 80 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_Bool TT_GraphicsState_::scan_control

Definition at line 106 of file ttobjs.h.

Referenced by TT_Load_Glyph().

FT_Int TT_GraphicsState_::scan_type

Definition at line 107 of file ttobjs.h.

Referenced by TT_Hint_Glyph(), and TT_Load_Glyph().

FT_F26Dot6 TT_GraphicsState_::single_width_cutin

Definition at line 96 of file ttobjs.h.

FT_F26Dot6 TT_GraphicsState_::single_width_value

Definition at line 97 of file ttobjs.h.

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