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TT_VertHeader_ Struct Reference

#include <tttables.h>

Public Attributes

FT_UShort advance_Height_Max
FT_Short Ascender
FT_Short caret_Offset
FT_Short caret_Slope_Rise
FT_Short caret_Slope_Run
FT_Short Descender
FT_Short Line_Gap
FT_Short metric_Data_Format
FT_Short min_Bottom_Side_Bearing
FT_Short min_Top_Side_Bearing
FT_UShort number_Of_VMetrics
FT_Short Reserved [4]
FT_Fixed Version
FT_Short yMax_Extent

Detailed Description

Definition at line 306 of file tttables.h.

Member Data Documentation

FT_UShort TT_VertHeader_::advance_Height_Max

Definition at line 313 of file tttables.h.

FT_Short TT_VertHeader_::Ascender

Definition at line 309 of file tttables.h.

FT_Short TT_VertHeader_::caret_Offset

Definition at line 320 of file tttables.h.

FT_Short TT_VertHeader_::caret_Slope_Rise

Definition at line 318 of file tttables.h.

FT_Short TT_VertHeader_::caret_Slope_Run

Definition at line 319 of file tttables.h.

FT_Short TT_VertHeader_::Descender

Definition at line 310 of file tttables.h.

FT_Short TT_VertHeader_::Line_Gap

Definition at line 311 of file tttables.h.

void* TT_VertHeader_::long_metrics

Definition at line 331 of file tttables.h.

Referenced by cff_slot_load().

FT_Short TT_VertHeader_::metric_Data_Format

Definition at line 324 of file tttables.h.

FT_Short TT_VertHeader_::min_Bottom_Side_Bearing

Definition at line 316 of file tttables.h.

FT_Short TT_VertHeader_::min_Top_Side_Bearing

Definition at line 315 of file tttables.h.

FT_UShort TT_VertHeader_::number_Of_VMetrics

Definition at line 325 of file tttables.h.

Referenced by cff_slot_load(), and compute_glyph_metrics().

FT_Short TT_VertHeader_::Reserved[4]

Definition at line 322 of file tttables.h.

void* TT_VertHeader_::short_metrics

Definition at line 332 of file tttables.h.

FT_Fixed TT_VertHeader_::Version

Definition at line 308 of file tttables.h.

FT_Short TT_VertHeader_::yMax_Extent

Definition at line 317 of file tttables.h.

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