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joystick_hwdata Struct Reference

#include <SDL_sysjoystick_c.h>


struct  axis_correct
struct  hwdata_ball
struct  hwdata_hat

Public Attributes

abs_correct [ABS_MAX]
Uint8 abs_map [ABS_MAX]
long axes
int buffered
long buttons
Uint8 bXInputDevice
Uint8 bXInputHaptic
DIDEVCAPS Capabilities
Uint8 currentXInputSlot
long elements
int fd
io_service_t ffservice
char * fname
int fresh
SDL_JoystickGUID guid
long hats
input_t Inputs [MAX_INPUTS]
int instance_id
IOHIDDeviceInterface ** interface
struct SDL_joylist_item * item
Uint8 key_map [KEY_MAX-BTN_MISC]
IONotificationPortRef notificationPort
int NumInputs
int NumSliders
struct joystick_hwdatapNext
io_iterator_t portIterator
char product [256]
int removed
Uint8 removed
Uint8 send_open_event
Uint8 send_remove_event
int uncentered
long usage
long usagePage
Uint8 userid

Detailed Description

Definition at line 58 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

Member Data Documentation

struct joystick_hwdata::axis_correct joystick_hwdata::abs_correct[ABS_MAX]
Uint8 joystick_hwdata::abs_map[ABS_MAX]

Definition at line 47 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

long joystick_hwdata::axes

Definition at line 69 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

struct joystick_hwdata::hwdata_ball * joystick_hwdata::balls
int joystick_hwdata::buffered

Definition at line 135 of file SDL_dxjoystick_c.h.

long joystick_hwdata::buttons

Definition at line 70 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

Uint8 joystick_hwdata::bXInputDevice

Definition at line 143 of file SDL_dxjoystick_c.h.

Uint8 joystick_hwdata::bXInputHaptic

Definition at line 144 of file SDL_dxjoystick_c.h.

DIDEVCAPS joystick_hwdata::Capabilities

Definition at line 134 of file SDL_dxjoystick_c.h.

Uint8 joystick_hwdata::currentXInputSlot

Definition at line 146 of file SDL_dxjoystick_c.h.

long joystick_hwdata::elements

Definition at line 72 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

int joystick_hwdata::fd

Definition at line 29 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

io_service_t joystick_hwdata::ffservice

Definition at line 60 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

recElement* joystick_hwdata::firstAxis

Definition at line 74 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

recElement* joystick_hwdata::firstButton

Definition at line 75 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

recElement* joystick_hwdata::firstHat

Definition at line 76 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

char* joystick_hwdata::fname

Definition at line 32 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

int joystick_hwdata::fresh

Definition at line 54 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

SDL_JoystickGUID joystick_hwdata::guid

Definition at line 82 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

struct joystick_hwdata::hwdata_hat * joystick_hwdata::hats
long joystick_hwdata::hats

Definition at line 71 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

LPDIRECTINPUTDEVICE8 joystick_hwdata::InputDevice

Definition at line 133 of file SDL_dxjoystick_c.h.

input_t joystick_hwdata::Inputs[MAX_INPUTS]

Definition at line 138 of file SDL_dxjoystick_c.h.

int joystick_hwdata::instance_id

Definition at line 81 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

IOHIDDeviceInterface** joystick_hwdata::interface

Definition at line 61 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

struct SDL_joylist_item* joystick_hwdata::item

Definition at line 30 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

Uint8 joystick_hwdata::key_map[KEY_MAX-BTN_MISC]

Definition at line 46 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

IONotificationPortRef joystick_hwdata::notificationPort

Definition at line 62 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

int joystick_hwdata::NumInputs

Definition at line 139 of file SDL_dxjoystick_c.h.

int joystick_hwdata::NumSliders

Definition at line 140 of file SDL_dxjoystick_c.h.

struct joystick_hwdata* joystick_hwdata::pNext

Definition at line 85 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

io_iterator_t joystick_hwdata::portIterator

Definition at line 63 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

char joystick_hwdata::product[256]

Definition at line 65 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

int joystick_hwdata::removed

Definition at line 78 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

Uint8 joystick_hwdata::removed

Definition at line 141 of file SDL_dxjoystick_c.h.

Uint8 joystick_hwdata::send_open_event

Definition at line 83 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

Uint8 joystick_hwdata::send_remove_event

Definition at line 142 of file SDL_dxjoystick_c.h.

int joystick_hwdata::uncentered

Definition at line 79 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

long joystick_hwdata::usage

Definition at line 66 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

long joystick_hwdata::usagePage

Definition at line 67 of file SDL_sysjoystick_c.h.

Uint8 joystick_hwdata::userid

Definition at line 145 of file SDL_dxjoystick_c.h.

XINPUT_STATE_EX joystick_hwdata::XInputState[2]

Definition at line 147 of file SDL_dxjoystick_c.h.

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