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vorbis_func_floor Struct Reference

#include <backends.h>

Public Attributes

void(* free_info )(vorbis_info_floor *)
void(* free_look )(vorbis_look_floor *)
void *(* inverse1 )(struct vorbis_block *, vorbis_look_floor *)
int(* inverse2 )(struct vorbis_block *, vorbis_look_floor *, void *buffer, float *)
vorbis_look_floor *(* look )(vorbis_dsp_state *, vorbis_info_floor *)
void(* pack )(vorbis_info_floor *, oggpack_buffer *)
vorbis_info_floor *(* unpack )(vorbis_info *, oggpack_buffer *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file backends.h.

Member Data Documentation

void(* vorbis_func_floor::free_info)(vorbis_info_floor *)

Definition at line 34 of file backends.h.

Referenced by vorbis_info_clear().

void(* vorbis_func_floor::free_look)(vorbis_look_floor *)

Definition at line 35 of file backends.h.

void*(* vorbis_func_floor::inverse1)(struct vorbis_block *, vorbis_look_floor *)

Definition at line 36 of file backends.h.

int(* vorbis_func_floor::inverse2)(struct vorbis_block *, vorbis_look_floor *, void *buffer, float *)

Definition at line 37 of file backends.h.

vorbis_look_floor*(* vorbis_func_floor::look)(vorbis_dsp_state *, vorbis_info_floor *)

Definition at line 33 of file backends.h.

Referenced by main().

void(* vorbis_func_floor::pack)(vorbis_info_floor *, oggpack_buffer *)

Definition at line 31 of file backends.h.

Referenced by _vorbis_pack_books().

vorbis_info_floor*(* vorbis_func_floor::unpack)(vorbis_info *, oggpack_buffer *)

Definition at line 32 of file backends.h.

Referenced by _vorbis_unpack_books().

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