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t1afm.h File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>
#include "t1objs.h"

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 T1_Done_Metrics (FT_Memory memory, AFM_FontInfo fi)
 T1_Get_Kerning (AFM_FontInfo fi, FT_UInt glyph1, FT_UInt glyph2, FT_Vector *kerning)
 T1_Get_Track_Kerning (FT_Face face, FT_Fixed ptsize, FT_Int degree, FT_Fixed *kerning)
FT_BEGIN_HEADER T1_Read_Metrics (FT_Face face, FT_Stream stream)

Function Documentation

T1_Done_Metrics ( FT_Memory  memory,
AFM_FontInfo  fi 

Definition at line 37 of file t1afm.c.

References FT_FREE.

Referenced by T1_Face_Done(), and T1_Read_Metrics().

T1_Get_Kerning ( AFM_FontInfo  fi,
FT_UInt  glyph1,
FT_UInt  glyph2,
FT_Vector kerning