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t1gload.c File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>
#include "t1gload.h"
#include <FT_OUTLINE_H>
#include "t1errors.h"

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#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_t1gload


 T1_Compute_Max_Advance (T1_Face face, FT_Pos *max_advance)
 T1_Get_Advances (FT_Face t1face, FT_UInt first, FT_UInt count, FT_Int32 load_flags, FT_Fixed *advances)
 T1_Load_Glyph (FT_GlyphSlot t1glyph, FT_Size t1size, FT_UInt glyph_index, FT_Int32 load_flags)
 T1_Parse_Glyph (T1_Decoder decoder, FT_UInt glyph_index)
 T1_Parse_Glyph_And_Get_Char_String (T1_Decoder decoder, FT_UInt glyph_index, FT_Data *char_string)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_t1gload

Definition at line 37 of file t1gload.c.

Function Documentation

T1_Load_Glyph ( FT_GlyphSlot  t1glyph,
FT_Size  t1size,
FT_UInt  glyph_index,
FT_Int32  load_flags 
T1_Parse_Glyph ( T1_Decoder  decoder,
FT_UInt  glyph_index