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t1load.c File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>
#include "t1load.h"
#include "t1errors.h"
#include "t1tokens.h"

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#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_t1load
#define T1_FIELD_COUNT   ( sizeof ( t1_keywords ) / sizeof ( t1_keywords[0] ) )
#define TABLE_EXTEND   5


 mm_axis_unmap (PS_DesignMap axismap, FT_Fixed ncv)
 mm_weights_unmap (FT_Fixed *weights, FT_Fixed *axiscoords, FT_UInt axis_count)
static void parse_blend_axis_types (T1_Face face, T1_Loader loader)
static void parse_blend_design_map (T1_Face face, T1_Loader loader)
static void parse_blend_design_positions (T1_Face face, T1_Loader loader)
static void parse_buildchar (T1_Face face, T1_Loader loader)
static void parse_charstrings (T1_Face face, T1_Loader loader)
static FT_Error parse_dict (T1_Face face, T1_Loader loader, FT_Byte *base, FT_Long size)
static void parse_encoding (T1_Face face, T1_Loader loader)
static void parse_private (T1_Face face, T1_Loader loader)
static void parse_subrs (T1_Face face, T1_Loader loader)
static void parse_weight_vector (T1_Face face, T1_Loader loader)
static int read_binary_data (T1_Parser parser, FT_Long *size, FT_Byte **base)
static FT_Error t1_allocate_blend (T1_Face face, FT_UInt num_designs, FT_UInt num_axis)
 T1_Done_Blend (T1_Face face)
static void t1_done_loader (T1_Loader loader)
 T1_Get_MM_Var (T1_Face face, FT_MM_Var **master)
 T1_Get_Multi_Master (T1_Face face, FT_Multi_Master *master)
static void t1_init_loader (T1_Loader loader, T1_Face face)
static FT_Error t1_load_keyword (T1_Face face, T1_Loader loader, const T1_Field field)
 T1_Open_Face (T1_Face face)
static void t1_parse_font_matrix (T1_Face face, T1_Loader loader)
 T1_Set_MM_Blend (T1_Face face, FT_UInt num_coords, FT_Fixed *coords)
 T1_Set_MM_Design (T1_Face face, FT_UInt num_coords, FT_Long *coords)
 T1_Set_Var_Design (T1_Face face, FT_UInt num_coords, FT_Fixed *coords)


static const T1_FieldRec t1_keywords []

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_t1load

Definition at line 81 of file t1load.c.

#define T1_FIELD_COUNT   ( sizeof ( t1_keywords ) / sizeof ( t1_keywords[0] ) )

Definition at line 1805 of file t1load.c.

#define TABLE_EXTEND   5

Definition at line 1467 of file t1load.c.

Referenced by parse_charstrings().

Function Documentation

mm_axis_unmap ( PS_DesignMap  axismap,
FT_Fixed  ncv 

Definition at line 223 of file t1load.c.

References FT_MulDiv(), INT_TO_FIXED, and j.

Referenced by T1_Get_MM_Var().

mm_weights_unmap ( FT_Fixed weights,
FT_Fixed axiscoords,
FT_UInt  axis_count 

Definition at line 259 of file t1load.c.

References FT_ASSERT, and T1_MAX_MM_AXIS.

Referenced by T1_Get_MM_Var().

static void parse_blend_design_positions ( T1_Face  face,
T1_Loader  loader 
static void parse_buildchar ( T1_Face  face,
T1_Loader  loader 

Definition at line 890 of file t1load.c.

References T1_FaceRec_::len_buildchar, NULL, and T1_ToFixedArray.

static void parse_private ( T1_Face  face,
T1_Loader  loader 

Definition at line 1021 of file t1load.c.

References FT_UNUSED, and T1_PRIVATE.

static int read_binary_data ( T1_Parser  parser,
FT_Long size,
FT_Byte **  base 

Definition at line 1031 of file t1load.c.

References FT_ERROR, ft_isdigit, T1_Skip_PS_Token, T1_Skip_Spaces, and T1_ToInt.

Referenced by parse_charstrings(), parse_dict(), and parse_subrs().

static void t1_done_loader ( T1_Loader  loader)

Definition at line 2028 of file t1load.c.

References T1_Finalize_Parser(), and T1_Release_Table.

Referenced by T1_Open_Face().

static void t1_init_loader ( T1_Loader  loader,
T1_Face  face 

Definition at line 2007 of file t1load.c.

References FT_MEM_ZERO, and FT_UNUSED.

Referenced by T1_Open_Face().

T1_Set_MM_Blend ( T1_Face  face,
FT_UInt  num_coords,
FT_Fixed coords 
T1_Set_Var_Design ( T1_Face  face,
FT_UInt  num_coords,
FT_Fixed coords 

Definition at line 489 of file t1load.c.

References error, FIXED_TO_INT, i, and T1_Set_MM_Design().

Variable Documentation

const T1_FieldRec t1_keywords[]

Definition at line 1771 of file t1load.c.