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t1parse.c File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>
#include "t1parse.h"
#include "t1errors.h"

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#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_t1parse


static FT_Error check_type1_format (FT_Stream stream, const char *header_string, size_t header_length)
static FT_Error read_pfb_tag (FT_Stream stream, FT_UShort *atag, FT_ULong *asize)
 T1_Finalize_Parser (T1_Parser parser)
 T1_Get_Private_Dict (T1_Parser parser, PSAux_Service psaux)
 T1_New_Parser (T1_Parser parser, FT_Stream stream, FT_Memory memory, PSAux_Service psaux)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_t1parse

Definition at line 53 of file t1parse.c.

Function Documentation

static FT_Error check_type1_format ( FT_Stream  stream,
const char *  header_string,
size_t  header_length 
static FT_Error read_pfb_tag ( FT_Stream  stream,
FT_UShort atag,
FT_ULong asize 

Definition at line 70 of file t1parse.c.

References error, FT_READ_ULONG_LE, and FT_READ_USHORT.

Referenced by check_type1_format(), T1_Get_Private_Dict(), and T1_New_Parser().

T1_Finalize_Parser ( T1_Parser  parser)

Definition at line 244 of file t1parse.c.

References FT_FREE.

Referenced by t1_done_loader().

T1_New_Parser ( T1_Parser  parser,
FT_Stream  stream,
FT_Memory  memory,
PSAux_Service  psaux