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ttinterp.h File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>
#include "ttobjs.h"

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struct  TT_CallRec_
struct  TT_ExecContextRec_


#define EXEC_ARG   exc
#define EXEC_ARG_   exc,
#define EXEC_OP   TT_ExecContext exc
#define EXEC_OP_   TT_ExecContext exc,
#define TT_Round_Down_To_Grid   3
#define TT_Round_Off   5
#define TT_Round_Super   6
#define TT_Round_Super_45   7
#define TT_Round_To_Double_Grid   2
#define TT_Round_To_Grid   1
#define TT_Round_To_Half_Grid   0
#define TT_Round_Up_To_Grid   4


typedef struct TT_CallRec_ TT_CallRec
typedef struct TT_CallRec_TT_CallStack
typedef struct TT_ExecContextRec_ TT_ExecContextRec
typedef FT_F26Dot6(* TT_Get_CVT_Func )(EXEC_OP_ FT_ULong idx)
typedef void(* TT_Move_Func )(EXEC_OP_ TT_GlyphZone zone, FT_UShort point, FT_F26Dot6 distance)
typedef FT_F26Dot6(* TT_Project_Func )(EXEC_OP_ FT_Pos dx, FT_Pos dy)
typedef FT_F26Dot6(* TT_Round_Func )(EXEC_OP_ FT_F26Dot6 distance, FT_F26Dot6 compensation)
typedef void(* TT_Set_CVT_Func )(EXEC_OP_ FT_ULong idx, FT_F26Dot6 value)


 TT_Clear_CodeRange (TT_ExecContext exec, FT_Int range)
 TT_Done_Context (TT_ExecContext exec)
 TT_Goto_CodeRange (TT_ExecContext exec, FT_Int range, FT_Long IP)
 TT_Load_Context (TT_ExecContext exec, TT_Face face, TT_Size size)
 TT_New_Context (TT_Driver driver)
 TT_Run_Context (TT_ExecContext exec, FT_Bool debug)
 TT_RunIns (TT_ExecContext exec)
 TT_Save_Context (TT_ExecContext exec, TT_Size ins)
 TT_Set_CodeRange (TT_ExecContext exec, FT_Int range, void *base, FT_Long length)
 Update_Max (FT_Memory memory, FT_ULong *size, FT_Long multiplier, void *_pbuff, FT_ULong new_max)


const TT_GraphicsState tt_default_graphics_state

Macro Definition Documentation

#define EXEC_ARG   exc

Definition at line 34 of file ttinterp.h.

#define EXEC_ARG_   exc,

Definition at line 33 of file ttinterp.h.

#define EXEC_OP   TT_ExecContext exc

Definition at line 32 of file ttinterp.h.

#define EXEC_OP_   TT_ExecContext exc,

Definition at line 31 of file ttinterp.h.

#define TT_Round_Down_To_Grid   3

Definition at line 55 of file ttinterp.h.

#define TT_Round_Off   5

Definition at line 50 of file ttinterp.h.

#define TT_Round_Super   6

Definition at line 56 of file ttinterp.h.

#define TT_Round_Super_45   7

Definition at line 57 of file ttinterp.h.

#define TT_Round_To_Double_Grid   2

Definition at line 53 of file ttinterp.h.

#define TT_Round_To_Grid   1

Definition at line 52 of file ttinterp.h.

#define TT_Round_To_Half_Grid   0

Definition at line 51 of file ttinterp.h.

#define TT_Round_Up_To_Grid   4

Definition at line 54 of file ttinterp.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct TT_CallRec_ TT_CallRec
typedef struct TT_CallRec_ * TT_CallStack
typedef FT_F26Dot6(* TT_Get_CVT_Func)(EXEC_OP_ FT_ULong idx)

Definition at line 86 of file ttinterp.h.

typedef void(* TT_Move_Func)(EXEC_OP_ TT_GlyphZone zone, FT_UShort point, FT_F26Dot6 distance)

Definition at line 75 of file ttinterp.h.

typedef FT_F26Dot6(* TT_Project_Func)(EXEC_OP_ FT_Pos dx, FT_Pos dy)

Definition at line 81 of file ttinterp.h.

typedef FT_F26Dot6(* TT_Round_Func)(EXEC_OP_ FT_F26Dot6 distance, FT_F26Dot6 compensation)

Definition at line 70 of file ttinterp.h.

typedef void(* TT_Set_CVT_Func)(EXEC_OP_ FT_ULong idx, FT_F26Dot6 value)

Definition at line 91 of file ttinterp.h.

Function Documentation

TT_Clear_CodeRange ( TT_ExecContext  exec,
FT_Int  range 
TT_Done_Context ( TT_ExecContext  exec)

Referenced by tt_driver_done().

TT_Goto_CodeRange ( TT_ExecContext  exec,
FT_Int  range,
FT_Long  IP 
TT_Load_Context ( TT_ExecContext  exec,
TT_Face  face,
TT_Size  size 

Referenced by tt_loader_init().

TT_New_Context ( TT_Driver  driver)

Referenced by tt_driver_init().

TT_Run_Context ( TT_ExecContext  exec,
FT_Bool  debug 

Referenced by TT_Hint_Glyph().

TT_RunIns ( TT_ExecContext  exec)
TT_Save_Context ( TT_ExecContext  exec,
TT_Size  ins 
TT_Set_CodeRange ( TT_ExecContext  exec,
FT_Int  range,
void base,
FT_Long  length 

Referenced by TT_Hint_Glyph().

Update_Max ( FT_Memory  memory,
FT_ULong size,
FT_Long  multiplier,
void _pbuff,
FT_ULong  new_max 

Variable Documentation

const TT_GraphicsState tt_default_graphics_state

Referenced by tt_loader_init().