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ttmtx.c File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>
#include "ttmtx.h"
#include "sferrors.h"

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#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_ttmtx
#define FT_STRUCTURE   TT_HoriHeader


 tt_face_get_metrics (TT_Face face, FT_Bool vertical, FT_UInt gindex, FT_Short *abearing, FT_UShort *aadvance)
 tt_face_load_hhea (TT_Face face, FT_Stream stream, FT_Bool vertical)
 tt_face_load_hmtx (TT_Face face, FT_Stream stream, FT_Bool vertical)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FT_COMPONENT   trace_ttmtx

Definition at line 35 of file ttmtx.c.

#define FT_STRUCTURE   TT_HoriHeader

Function Documentation

tt_face_get_metrics ( TT_Face  face,
FT_Bool  vertical,
FT_UInt  gindex,
FT_Short abearing,
FT_UShort aadvance 
tt_face_load_hmtx ( TT_Face  face,
FT_Stream  stream,
FT_Bool  vertical 

Definition at line 66 of file ttmtx.c.

References error, FT_STREAM_POS, TTAG_hmtx, and TTAG_vmtx.