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tttypes.h File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>

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struct  SFNT_HeaderRec_
struct  TT_FaceRec_
struct  TT_Gasp_
struct  TT_GaspRangeRec_
struct  TT_GlyphZoneRec_
struct  TT_LoaderRec_
struct  TT_LongMetricsRec_
struct  TT_NameEntryRec_
struct  TT_NameTableRec_
struct  TT_Post_20Rec_
struct  TT_Post_25_
struct  TT_Post_NamesRec_
struct  TT_SBit_ComponentRec_
struct  TT_SBit_LineMetricsRec_
struct  TT_SBit_MetricsRec_
struct  TT_SBit_RangeRec_
struct  TT_SBit_ScaleRec_
struct  TT_SBit_Small_Metrics_
struct  TT_SBit_StrikeRec_
struct  TT_TableRec_
struct  TTC_HeaderRec_


#define TT_GASP_DOGRAY   0x02
#define TT_GASP_GRIDFIT   0x01


typedef struct SFNT_HeaderRec_SFNT_Header
typedef struct SFNT_HeaderRec_ SFNT_HeaderRec
typedef struct TT_ExecContextRec_TT_ExecContext
typedef struct TT_FaceRec_TT_Face
typedef struct TT_FaceRec_ TT_FaceRec
typedef struct TT_GaspRangeRec_TT_GaspRange
typedef struct TT_GaspRangeRec_ TT_GaspRangeRec
typedef struct TT_Gasp_ TT_GaspRec
typedef struct TT_GlyphZoneRec_TT_GlyphZone
typedef struct TT_GlyphZoneRec_ TT_GlyphZoneRec
typedef FT_Error(* TT_Interpreter )(void *exec_context)
typedef struct TT_LoaderRec_TT_Loader
typedef void(* TT_Loader_EndGlyphFunc )(TT_Loader loader)
typedef FT_Error(* TT_Loader_GotoTableFunc )(TT_Face face, FT_ULong tag, FT_Stream stream, FT_ULong *length)
typedef FT_Error(* TT_Loader_ReadGlyphFunc )(TT_Loader loader)
typedef FT_Error(* TT_Loader_StartGlyphFunc )(TT_Loader loader, FT_UInt glyph_index, FT_ULong offset, FT_UInt byte_count)
typedef struct TT_LoaderRec_ TT_LoaderRec
typedef struct TT_LongMetricsRec_TT_LongMetrics
typedef struct TT_LongMetricsRec_ TT_LongMetricsRec
typedef struct TT_NameEntryRec_TT_NameEntry
typedef struct TT_NameEntryRec_ TT_NameEntryRec
typedef struct TT_NameTableRec_TT_NameTable
typedef struct TT_NameTableRec_ TT_NameTableRec
typedef struct TT_Post_20Rec_TT_Post_20
typedef struct TT_Post_20Rec_ TT_Post_20Rec
typedef struct TT_Post_25_TT_Post_25
typedef struct TT_Post_25_ TT_Post_25Rec
typedef struct TT_Post_NamesRec_TT_Post_Names
typedef struct TT_Post_NamesRec_ TT_Post_NamesRec
typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct TT_SBit_MetricsRec_ TT_SBit_MetricsRec
typedef struct TT_SBit_RangeRec_TT_SBit_Range
typedef struct TT_SBit_RangeRec_ TT_SBit_RangeRec
typedef struct TT_SBit_ScaleRec_TT_SBit_Scale
typedef struct TT_SBit_ScaleRec_ TT_SBit_ScaleRec
typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct TT_SBit_StrikeRec_TT_SBit_Strike
typedef struct TT_SBit_StrikeRec_ TT_SBit_StrikeRec
typedef FT_Short TT_ShortMetrics
typedef struct TT_TableRec_TT_Table
typedef struct TT_TableRec_ TT_TableRec
typedef FT_BEGIN_HEADER struct

Macro Definition Documentation

#define TT_GASP_DOGRAY   0x02

Definition at line 286 of file tttypes.h.

#define TT_GASP_GRIDFIT   0x01

Definition at line 285 of file tttypes.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct SFNT_HeaderRec_ * SFNT_Header

Definition at line 1486 of file tttypes.h.

typedef struct TT_FaceRec_* TT_Face

Definition at line 951 of file tttypes.h.

typedef struct TT_FaceRec_ TT_FaceRec
typedef struct TT_GaspRangeRec_ * TT_GaspRange
typedef struct TT_Gasp_ TT_GaspRec
typedef struct TT_GlyphZoneRec_ * TT_GlyphZone
typedef FT_Error(* TT_Interpreter)(void *exec_context)

Definition at line 956 of file tttypes.h.

typedef struct TT_LoaderRec_* TT_Loader

Definition at line 959 of file tttypes.h.

typedef void(* TT_Loader_EndGlyphFunc)(TT_Loader loader)

Definition at line 1060 of file tttypes.h.

typedef FT_Error(* TT_Loader_GotoTableFunc)(TT_Face face, FT_ULong tag, FT_Stream stream, FT_ULong *length)

Definition at line 988 of file tttypes.h.

typedef FT_Error(* TT_Loader_ReadGlyphFunc)(TT_Loader loader)

Definition at line 1045 of file tttypes.h.

typedef FT_Error(* TT_Loader_StartGlyphFunc)(TT_Loader loader, FT_UInt glyph_index, FT_ULong offset, FT_UInt byte_count)

Definition at line 1023 of file tttypes.h.

typedef struct TT_LoaderRec_ TT_LoaderRec
typedef struct TT_NameEntryRec_ * TT_NameEntry
typedef struct TT_NameTableRec_ * TT_NameTable
typedef struct TT_Post_20Rec_ * TT_Post_20
typedef struct TT_Post_20Rec_ TT_Post_20Rec
typedef struct TT_Post_25_ * TT_Post_25
typedef struct TT_Post_25_ TT_Post_25Rec
typedef struct TT_Post_NamesRec_ * TT_Post_Names
typedef struct TT_SBit_RangeRec_ * TT_SBit_Range
typedef struct TT_SBit_ScaleRec_ * TT_SBit_Scale

Definition at line 171 of file tttypes.h.

typedef struct TT_TableRec_ * TT_Table
typedef struct TT_TableRec_ TT_TableRec