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Welcome to my homepage. Feel free to look around and make your self at home. My name is Brad and I live in Michigan. I am a University of Michigan grad. "GO BLUE!" I majored in zoology and now I work for U-M doing research on vision. That's what I'm doing for now anyway. But that's just what I do for work. Don't you hate it when people ask you what you do and what they really mean is what is your job? Some other things that I do are as follows. I am very interested in Celtic things. So much so that I even have a tattoo of Celtic knot work on my back. I am not Celtic myself but I have been to Ireland. What I blast I had there!. The picture above is me in the top most reaches of a ruined castle on the Burren of Ireland in Co. Clare. For a tour of Ireland, click on the button below.

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In keeping with the Celtic theme of my life, I have become involved with deerhounds. Deerhounds come from Scotland originally, where they were referred to as the royal dogs of Scotland. I have owned eight deerhounds in my life so far not including a litter of puppies born in 2006. I don't suppose I will ever again be without a deerhound. As you can probably tell, my dogs are a big part of my life. I show as well as compete in lure coursing trials and straight racing.  I call my kennel CuNeve'. It is a phonetic spelling of a fusion of two Gaelic words. It means "celestial hound". You may visit the CuNeve' universe by clicking on the button below.

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What else do I do? I am a relatively home owner so I spend a fair amount of time doing home improvement stuff now. There is a picture of my house below so people can see where I live. I also try to play the banjo. I took lessons for a while but now my teacher has moved away so I'm on my own. I hope to get more involved with a session here and there so that I can learn with other people. If you are like me, you probably believe that TV was invented for sports telecasting. I follow all the professional Detroit sports teams. God bless the Red Wings and now the Tigers too.

Just in case anyone is interested, here is an example of what I do at work. Just click below.

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Here are some cool sites and links for you to visit. Some are friends of mine and some are just places I visit from time to time. You can contact me at bbnelson@umich.edu


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