Six-letter Code for ABA Bird Checklist Species

List of Codes and

Rules for Constructing Abbreviations of Bird Species Names:

A Six-letter Code System

by Bruce M. Bowman

The system I devised to use for listing birds while out birding (and for database entry) uses abbreviations based on a six-letter coding scheme. These species codes, having six letters rather than the four letters of more commonly used systems, almost read themselves, which is not usually the case for four-letter codes. Also, there are many fewer special cases necessitated by system codes being identical for two species. The simple rules given below allow construction of species abbreviations. Note that these rules do not include exceptions such as always using BK for "black" and "BL" for "blue", etc. Including exceptions would make it necessary for the user of the system to remember these exceptions both in writing codes and reading the codes. This would defeat the purpose of having a rule-based system.

John W. Shipman has written an overview of systems for encoding bird names and a critique of the commonly used Bird Banding Lab (BBL) four-letter code system.

A separate four-letter code system is used for the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS). While similar to the BBL system, it has different codes for about 60 species!
STANDARD ABBREVIATIONS "Words" in a species name are those parts of the name separated by spaces or hyphens. Ex.: "Bay-breasted Warbler" has three words. ¤ ONE-WORD NAMES Use the first six letters, or use the entire name if it is less than six letters in length. Ex.: Canvasback = CANVAS, Sora = SORA ¤ TWO-WORD NAMES Use the first three letters of each word. Ex.: Pectoral Sandpiper = PECSAN, Fish Crow = FISCRO ¤ THREE-WORD NAMES Use the first two letters of each word. Ex.: Great Gray Owl = GRGROW, Broad-tailed Hummingbird = BRTAHU ¤ FOUR-WORD NAMES Use the first letter of each of the first two words and the first two letters of each of the last two words. Ex. Black-and-white Warbler = BAWHWA, Black-crowned Night-Heron = BCNIHE

Because nine instances of duplicate abbreviations result when the above rules are applied to the 969 species names in the American Birding Association (ABA) Checklist for the Birds of North America, special-case abbreviations are necessary for the 18 species listed below:
SPECIAL CASE ABBREVIATIONS Barn Owl BARNOW Leach's Storm-Petrel LEACSP Barred Owl BARROW Least Storm-Petrel LEASSP Blackburnian Warbler BLBUWA Palm Warbler PALMWA Blackpoll Warbler BLPOWA Pallas's Warbler PALLWA Black-throated Gray Warbler BTGYWA Wilson's Warbler WILSWA Black-throated Green Warbler BTGNWA Willow Warbler WILLWA Common Redpoll COREDP Yellow-breasted Bunting YBREBU Common Redshank COREDS Yellow-browed Bunting YBROBU Green-breasted Mango GNBRMA Gray-breasted Martin GYBRMA
Note that in each case of duplicate codes the duplicate code is used for neither of the special-case species. For example, BAROWL is used for neither Barn Owl nor Barred Owl. This lessens confusion and decreases errors.

These special cases are easily remembered. In any case they are minimal compared with the approximately 100 species that require special-case abbreviations in four-letter systems. There, a standard abbreviation in the BBL system, for example, uses two letters from each word of a two-word name (Canada Warbler=CAWA) or one, one, and two letters from three-word names like Red-eyed Vireo (REVI) but two, one, and one from three-word names with a different pattern for hyphens, like Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl (FEPO). In the four-letter system these 100+ species come from over 50 codes that are "shared" by two or three species--mostly doubles but also a few triples (e.g., the double RNPH=Ring-necked Pheasant=Red-necked Phalarope, and the triple BASW=Bank Swallow=Barn Swallow=Bahama Swallow). In a four-letter system over 10 percent of species in the ABA list need special-case abbreviations!

The ABA checklist below has 969 species and is up to date through November 2010. The species names and ordering agree with the AOU Check-list 7th Edition, 51st Supplement. See my checklists with and without scientific names (and without six-letter codes) in the links at the bottom of this document.

SIX-LETTER CODES FOR ABA CHECKLIST SPECIES DUCKS, GEESE, and SWANS BBWHDU Black-bellied Whistling-Duck FUWHDU Fulvous Whistling-Duck TABEGO Taiga Bean-Goose TUBEGO Tundra Bean-Goose PIFOGO Pink-footed Goose GRAGOO Graylag Goose GWFRGO Greater White-fronted Goose LWFRGO Lesser White-fronted Goose EMPGOO Emperor Goose SNOGOO Snow Goose ROSGOO Ross's Goose BRANT Brant BARGOO Barnacle Goose CACGOO Cackling Goose CANGOO Canada Goose MUTSWA Mute Swan TRUSWA Trumpeter Swan TUNSWA Tundra Swan WHOSWA Whooper Swan MUSDUC Muscovy Duck WOODUC Wood Duck GADWAL Gadwall FALDUC Falcated Duck EURWIG Eurasian Wigeon AMEWIG American Wigeon AMBLDU American Black Duck MALLAR Mallard MOTDUC Mottled Duck ESBIDU Eastern Spot-billed Duck BLWITE Blue-winged Teal CINTEA Cinnamon Teal NORSHO Northern Shoveler WHCHPI White-cheeked Pintail NORPIN Northern Pintail GARGAN Garganey BAITEA Baikal Teal GRWITE Green-winged Teal CANVAS Canvasback REDHEA Redhead COMPOC Common Pochard RINEDU Ring-necked Duck TUFDUC Tufted Duck GRESCA Greater Scaup LESSCA Lesser Scaup STEEID Steller's Eider SPEEID Spectacled Eider KINEID King Eider COMEID Common Eider HARDUC Harlequin Duck LABDUC Labrador Duck SURSCO Surf Scoter WHWISC White-winged Scoter BLASCO Black Scoter LOTADU Long-tailed Duck BUFFLE Bufflehead COMGOL Common Goldeneye BARGOL Barrow's Goldeneye SMEW Smew HOOMER Hooded Merganser COMMER Common Merganser REBRME Red-breasted Merganser MASDUC Masked Duck RUDDUC Ruddy Duck CURASSOWS and GUANS PLACHA Plain Chachalaca PARTRIDGES, GROUSE, TURKEYS, and OLD WORLD QUAIL CHUKAR Chukar HIMSNO Himalayan Snowcock GRAPAR Gray Partridge RINEPH Ring-necked Pheasant RUFGRO Ruffed Grouse GRSAGR Greater Sage-Grouse GUSAGR Gunnison Sage-Grouse SPRGRO Spruce Grouse WILPTA Willow Ptarmigan ROCPTA Rock Ptarmigan WHTAPT White-tailed Ptarmigan DUSGRO Dusky Grouse SOOGRO Sooty Grouse SHTAGR Sharp-tailed Grouse GRPRCH Greater Prairie-Chicken LEPRCH Lesser Prairie-Chicken WILTUR Wild Turkey NEW WORLD QUAIL MOUQUA Mountain Quail SCAQUA Scaled Quail CALQUA California Quail GAMQUA Gambel's Quail NORBOB Northern Bobwhite MONQUA Montezuma Quail LOONS RETHLO Red-throated Loon ARCLOO Arctic Loon PACLOO Pacific Loon COMLOO Common Loon YEBILO Yellow-billed Loon GREBES LEAGRE Least Grebe PIBIGR Pied-billed Grebe HORGRE Horned Grebe RENEGR Red-necked Grebe EARGRE Eared Grebe WESGRE Western Grebe CLAGRE Clark's Grebe FLAMINGOS AMEFLA American Flamingo ALBATROSSES YENOAL Yellow-nosed Albatross SHYALB Shy Albatross BLBRAL Black-browed Albatross LIMAAL Light-mantled Albatross WANALB Wandering Albatross LAYALB Laysan Albatross BLFOAL Black-footed Albatross SHTAAL Short-tailed Albatross SHEARWATERS and PETRELS NORFUL Northern Fulmar GRWIPE Great-winged Petrel HERPET Herald Petrel MURPET Murphy's Petrel MOTPET Mottled Petrel BERPET Bermuda Petrel BLCAPE Black-capped Petrel FEAPET Fea's/Zino's Petrel GALPET Galapagos/Hawaiian Petrel COOPET Cook's Petrel STEPET Stejneger's Petrel BULPET Bulwer's Petrel WHCHPE White-chinned Petrel PARPET Parkinson's Petrel STRSHE Streaked Shearwater CORSHE Cory's Shearwater CAVESH Cape Verde Shearwater PIFOSH Pink-footed Shearwater FLFOSH Flesh-footed Shearwater GRESHE Great Shearwater WETASH Wedge-tailed Shearwater BULSHE Buller's Shearwater SOOSHE Sooty Shearwater SHTASH Short-tailed Shearwater MANSHE Manx Shearwater TOWSHE Townsend's Shearwater BLVESH Black-vented Shearwater AUDSHE Audubon's Shearwater LITSHE Little Shearwater STORM-PETRELS WISTPE Wilson's Storm-Petrel WFSTPE White-faced Storm-Petrel BBSTPE Black-bellied Storm-Petrel EUSTPE European Storm-Petrel FTSTPE Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel RISTPE Ringed Storm-Petrel LEACSP Leach's Storm-Petrel ASSTPE Ashy Storm-Petrel BRSTPE Band-rumped Storm-Petrel SWSTPE Swinhoe's Storm-Petrel WRSTPE Wedge-rumped Storm-Petrel BLSTPE Black Storm-Petrel LEASSP Least Storm-Petrel TRSTPE Tristram's Storm-Petrel TROPICBIRDS WHTATR White-tailed Tropicbird REBITR Red-billed Tropicbird RETATR Red-tailed Tropicbird BOOBIES and GANNETS MASBOO Masked Booby BLFOBO Blue-footed Booby BROBOO Brown Booby REFOBO Red-footed Booby NORGAN Northern Gannet PELICANS AMWHPE American White Pelican BROPEL Brown Pelican CORMORANTS BRACOR Brandt's Cormorant NEOCOR Neotropic Cormorant DOCRCO Double-crested Cormorant GRECOR Great Cormorant REFACO Red-faced Cormorant PELCOR Pelagic Cormorant DARTERS ANHING Anhinga FRIGATEBIRDS MAGFRI Magnificent Frigatebird GREFRI Great Frigatebird LESFRI Lesser Frigatebird BITTERNS, HERONS, and ALLIES AMEBIT American Bittern YELBIT Yellow Bittern LEABIT Least Bittern BTTIHE Bare-throated Tiger-Heron GRBLHE Great Blue Heron GRAHER Gray Heron GREEGR Great Egret INTEGR Intermediate Egret CHIEGR Chinese Egret LITEGR Little Egret WEREHE Western Reef-Heron SNOEGR Snowy Egret LIBLHE Little Blue Heron TRIHER Tricolored Heron REDEGR Reddish Egret CATEGR Cattle Egret CHPOHE Chinese Pond-Heron GREHER Green Heron BCNIHE Black-crowned Night-Heron YCNIHE Yellow-crowned Night-Heron IBISES and SPOONBILLS WHIIBI White Ibis SCAIBI Scarlet Ibis GLOIBI Glossy Ibis WHFAIB White-faced Ibis ROSSPO Roseate Spoonbill STORKS JABIRU Jabiru WOOSTO Wood Stork NEW WORLD VULTURES BLAVUL Black Vulture TURVUL Turkey Vulture CALCON California Condor KITES, HAWKS, EAGLES, and ALLIES OSPREY Osprey HOBIKI Hook-billed Kite SWTAKI Swallow-tailed Kite WHTAKI White-tailed Kite SNAKIT Snail Kite MISKIT Mississippi Kite BALEAG Bald Eagle WHTAEA White-tailed Eagle STSEEA Steller's Sea-Eagle NORHAR Northern Harrier SHSHHA Sharp-shinned Hawk COOHAW Cooper's Hawk NORGOS Northern Goshawk CRAHAW Crane Hawk COBLHA Common Black-Hawk HARHAW Harris's Hawk ROAHAW Roadside Hawk RESHHA Red-shouldered Hawk BRWIHA Broad-winged Hawk GRAHAW Gray Hawk SHTAHA Short-tailed Hawk SWAHAW Swainson's Hawk WHTAHA White-tailed Hawk ZOTAHA Zone-tailed Hawk RETAHA Red-tailed Hawk FERHAW Ferruginous Hawk ROLEHA Rough-legged Hawk GOLEAG Golden Eagle CARACARAS and FALCONS COFOFA Collared Forest-Falcon CRECAR Crested Caracara EURKES Eurasian Kestrel AMEKES American Kestrel MERLIN Merlin EURHOB Eurasian Hobby REFOFA Red-footed Falcon APLFAL Aplomado Falcon GYRFAL Gyrfalcon PERFAL Peregrine Falcon PRAFAL Prairie Falcon RAILS, GALLINULES, and COOTS YELRAI Yellow Rail BLARAI Black Rail CORCRA Corn Crake CLARAI Clapper Rail KINRAI King Rail VIRRAI Virginia Rail SORA Sora PABICR Paint-billed Crake SPORAI Spotted Rail PURGAL Purple Gallinule COMMOO Common Moorhen EURCOO Eurasian Coot AMECOO American Coot LIMPKINS LIMPKI Limpkin CRANES SANCRA Sandhill Crane COMCRA Common Crane WHOCRA Whooping Crane THICK-KNEES DSTHKN Double-striped Thick-knee PLOVERS and LAPWINGS NORLAP Northern Lapwing BLBEPL Black-bellied Plover EUGOPL European Golden-Plover AMGOPL American Golden-Plover PAGOPL Pacific Golden-Plover LESAPL Lesser Sand-Plover GRSAPL Greater Sand-Plover COLPLO Collared Plover SNOPLO Snowy Plover WILPLO Wilson's Plover CORIPL Common Ringed Plover SEMPLO Semipalmated Plover PIPPLO Piping Plover LIRIPL Little Ringed Plover KILLDE Killdeer MOUPLO Mountain Plover EURDOT Eurasian Dotterel OYSTERCATCHERS EUROYS Eurasian Oystercatcher AMEOYS American Oystercatcher BLAOYS Black Oystercatcher STILTS and AVOCETS BLWIST Black-winged Stilt BLNEST Black-necked Stilt AMEAVO American Avocet JACANAS NORJAC Northern Jacana SANDPIPERS, PHALAROPES, and ALLIES TERSAN Terek Sandpiper COMSAN Common Sandpiper SPOSAN Spotted Sandpiper GRESAN Green Sandpiper SOLSAN Solitary Sandpiper GRTATA Gray-tailed Tattler WANTAT Wandering Tattler SPORED Spotted Redshank GREYEL Greater Yellowlegs COMGRE Common Greenshank WILLET Willet LESYEL Lesser Yellowlegs MARSAN Marsh Sandpiper WOOSAN Wood Sandpiper COREDS Common Redshank UPLSAN Upland Sandpiper LITCUR Little Curlew ESKCUR Eskimo Curlew WHIMBR Whimbrel BRTHCU Bristle-thighed Curlew FAEACU Far Eastern Curlew SLBICU Slender-billed Curlew EURCUR Eurasian Curlew LOBICU Long-billed Curlew BLTAGO Black-tailed Godwit HUDGOD Hudsonian Godwit BATAGO Bar-tailed Godwit MARGOD Marbled Godwit RUDTUR Ruddy Turnstone BLATUR Black Turnstone SURFBI Surfbird GREKNO Great Knot REDKNO Red Knot SANDER Sanderling SEMSAN Semipalmated Sandpiper WESSAN Western Sandpiper RENEST Red-necked Stint LITSTI Little Stint TEMSTI Temminck's Stint LOTOST Long-toed Stint LEASAN Least Sandpiper WHRUSA White-rumped Sandpiper BAISAN Baird's Sandpiper PECSAN Pectoral Sandpiper SHTASA Sharp-tailed Sandpiper PURSAN Purple Sandpiper ROCSAN Rock Sandpiper DUNLIN Dunlin CURSAN Curlew Sandpiper STISAN Stilt Sandpiper SPBISA Spoon-billed Sandpiper BRBISA Broad-billed Sandpiper BUBRSA Buff-breasted Sandpiper RUFF Ruff SHBIDO Short-billed Dowitcher LOBIDO Long-billed Dowitcher JACSNI Jack Snipe SOLSNI Solitary Snipe WILSNI Wilson's Snipe COMSNI Common Snipe PITASN Pin-tailed Snipe EURWOO Eurasian Woodcock AMEWOO American Woodcock WILPHA Wilson's Phalarope RENEPH Red-necked Phalarope REDPHA Red Phalarope PRATINCOLES ORIPRA Oriental Pratincole GULLS, TERNS, and SKIMMERS SWTAGU Swallow-tailed Gull BLLEKI Black-legged Kittiwake RELEKI Red-legged Kittiwake IVOGUL Ivory Gull SABGUL Sabine's Gull BONGUL Bonaparte's Gull GRHOGU Gray-hooded Gull BLHEGU Black-headed Gull LITGUL Little Gull ROSGUL Ross's Gull LAUGUL Laughing Gull FRAGUL Franklin's Gull BELGUL Belcher's Gull BLTAGU Black-tailed Gull HEEGUL Heermann's Gull MEWGUL Mew Gull RIBIGU Ring-billed Gull WESGUL Western Gull YEFOGU Yellow-footed Gull CALGUL California Gull HERGUL Herring Gull YELEGU Yellow-legged Gull THAGUL Thayer's Gull ICEGUL Iceland Gull LBBAGU Lesser Black-backed Gull SLBAGU Slaty-backed Gull GLWIGU Glaucous-winged Gull GLAGUL Glaucous Gull GBBAGU Great Black-backed Gull KELGUL Kelp Gull BRONOD Brown Noddy BLANOD Black Noddy SOOTER Sooty Tern BRITER Bridled Tern ALETER Aleutian Tern LEATER Least Tern LABITE Large-billed Tern GUBITE Gull-billed Tern CASTER Caspian Tern BLATER Black Tern WHWITE White-winged Tern WHITER Whiskered Tern ROSTER Roseate Tern COMTER Common Tern ARCTER Arctic Tern FORTER Forster's Tern ROYTER Royal Tern SANTER Sandwich Tern ELETER Elegant Tern BLASKI Black Skimmer SKUAS and JAEGERS GRESKU Great Skua SOPOSK South Polar Skua POMJAE Pomarine Jaeger PARJAE Parasitic Jaeger LOTAJA Long-tailed Jaeger AUKS, MURRES, and PUFFINS DOVEKI Dovekie COMMUR Common Murre THBIMU Thick-billed Murre RAZORB Razorbill GREAUK Great Auk BLAGUI Black Guillemot PIGGUI Pigeon Guillemot LOBIMU Long-billed Murrelet MARMUR Marbled Murrelet KITMUR Kittlitz's Murrelet XANMUR Xantus's Murrelet CRAMUR Craveri's Murrelet ANCMUR Ancient Murrelet CASAUK Cassin's Auklet PARAUK Parakeet Auklet LEAAUK Least Auklet WHIAUK Whiskered Auklet CREAUK Crested Auklet RHIAUK Rhinoceros Auklet ATLPUF Atlantic Puffin HORPUF Horned Puffin TUFPUF Tufted Puffin PIGEONS and DOVES ROCPIG Rock Pigeon SCNAPI Scaly-naped Pigeon WHCRPI White-crowned Pigeon REBIPI Red-billed Pigeon BATAPI Band-tailed Pigeon ORTUDO Oriental Turtle-Dove EUTUDO European Turtle-Dove EUCODO Eurasian Collared-Dove SPODOV Spotted Dove WHWIDO White-winged Dove ZENDOV Zenaida Dove MOUDOV Mourning Dove PASPIG Passenger Pigeon INCDOV Inca Dove COGRDO Common Ground-Dove RUGRDO Ruddy Ground-Dove WHTIDO White-tipped Dove KWQUDO Key West Quail-Dove RUQUDO Ruddy Quail-Dove LORIES, PARAKEETS, MACAWS, and PARROTS BUDGER Budgerigar MONPAR Monk Parakeet CARPAR Carolina Parakeet GREPAR Green Parakeet THBIPA Thick-billed Parrot WHWIPA White-winged Parakeet RECRPA Red-crowned Parrot CUCKOOS, ROADRUNNERS, and ANIS COMCUC Common Cuckoo ORICUC Oriental Cuckoo YEBICU Yellow-billed Cuckoo BLBICU Black-billed Cuckoo MANCUC Mangrove Cuckoo GREROA Greater Roadrunner SMBIAN Smooth-billed Ani GRBIAN Groove-billed Ani BARN OWLS BARNOW Barn Owl TYPICAL OWLS FLAOWL Flammulated Owl ORSCOW Oriental Scops-Owl WESCOW Western Screech-Owl EASCOW Eastern Screech-Owl WHSCOW Whiskered Screech-Owl GRHOOW Great Horned Owl SNOOWL Snowy Owl NOHAOW Northern Hawk Owl NOPYOW Northern Pygmy-Owl FEPYOW Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl ELFOWL Elf Owl BUROWL Burrowing Owl MOTOWL Mottled Owl SPOOWL Spotted Owl BARROW Barred Owl GRGROW Great Gray Owl LOEAOW Long-eared Owl STYOWL Stygian Owl SHEAOW Short-eared Owl BOROWL Boreal Owl NSWHOW Northern Saw-whet Owl BRHAOW Brown Hawk-Owl GOATSUCKERS LESNIG Lesser Nighthawk COMNIG Common Nighthawk ANTNIG Antillean Nighthawk COMPAU Common Pauraque COMPOO Common Poorwill CHWIWI Chuck-will's-widow BUCONI Buff-collared Nightjar EWPOWI Eastern Whip-poor-will MWPOWI Mexican Whip-poor-will GRANIG Gray Nightjar SWIFTS BLASWI Black Swift WHCOSW White-collared Swift CHISWI Chimney Swift VAUSWI Vaux's Swift WHTHNE White-throated Needletail COMSWI Common Swift FOTASW Fork-tailed Swift WHTHSW White-throated Swift ANPASW Antillean Palm-Swift HUMMINGBIRDS GREVIO Green Violetear GNBRMA Green-breasted Mango BRBIHU Broad-billed Hummingbird WHEAHU White-eared Hummingbird XANHUM Xantus's Hummingbird BERHUM Berylline Hummingbird BUBEHU Buff-bellied Hummingbird CINHUM Cinnamon Hummingbird VICRHU Violet-crowned Hummingbird BLTHHU Blue-throated Hummingbird MAGHUM Magnificent Hummingbird PLCAST Plain-capped Starthroat BAHWOO Bahama Woodstar LUCHUM Lucifer Hummingbird RUTHHU Ruby-throated Hummingbird BLCHHU Black-chinned Hummingbird ANNHUM Anna's Hummingbird COSHUM Costa's Hummingbird CALHUM Calliope Hummingbird BUMHUM Bumblebee Hummingbird BRTAHU Broad-tailed Hummingbird RUFHUM Rufous Hummingbird ALLHUM Allen's Hummingbird TROGONS ELETRO Elegant Trogon EARQUE Eared Quetzal HOOPOES EURHOO Eurasian Hoopoe KINGFISHERS RINKIN Ringed Kingfisher BELKIN Belted Kingfisher AMAKIN Amazon Kingfisher GREKIN Green Kingfisher WOODPECKERS and ALLIES EURWRY Eurasian Wryneck LEWWOO Lewis's Woodpecker REHEWO Red-headed Woodpecker ACOWOO Acorn Woodpecker GILWOO Gila Woodpecker GOFRWO Golden-fronted Woodpecker REBEWO Red-bellied Woodpecker WILSAP Williamson's Sapsucker YEBESA Yellow-bellied Sapsucker RENASA Red-naped Sapsucker REBRSA Red-breasted Sapsucker GRSPWO Great Spotted Woodpecker LABAWO Ladder-backed Woodpecker NUTWOO Nuttall's Woodpecker DOWWOO Downy Woodpecker HAIWOO Hairy Woodpecker ARIWOO Arizona Woodpecker RECOWO Red-cockaded Woodpecker WHHEWO White-headed Woodpecker ATTOWO American Three-toed Woodpecker BLBAWO Black-backed Woodpecker NORFLI Northern Flicker GILFLI Gilded Flicker PILWOO Pileated Woodpecker IVBIWO Ivory-billed Woodpecker TYRANT FLYCATCHERS NOBETY Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet GREELA Greenish Elaenia WHCREL White-crested Elaenia TUFFLY Tufted Flycatcher OLSIFL Olive-sided Flycatcher GREPEW Greater Pewee WEWOPE Western Wood-Pewee EAWOPE Eastern Wood-Pewee CUBPEW Cuban Pewee YEBEFL Yellow-bellied Flycatcher ACAFLY Acadian Flycatcher ALDFLY Alder Flycatcher WILFLY Willow Flycatcher LEAFLY Least Flycatcher HAMFLY Hammond's Flycatcher GRAFLY Gray Flycatcher DUSFLY Dusky Flycatcher PASLFL Pacific-slope Flycatcher CORFLY Cordilleran Flycatcher BUBRFL Buff-breasted Flycatcher BLAPHO Black Phoebe EASPHO Eastern Phoebe SAYPHO Say's Phoebe VERFLY Vermilion Flycatcher DUCAFL Dusky-capped Flycatcher ASTHFL Ash-throated Flycatcher NUTFLY Nutting's Flycatcher GRCRFL Great Crested Flycatcher BRCRFL Brown-crested Flycatcher LASAFL La Sagra's Flycatcher GREKIS Great Kiskadee SOCFLY Social Flycatcher SUBEFL Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher PIRFLY Piratic Flycatcher VARFLY Variegated Flycatcher CRSLFL Crowned Slaty Flycatcher TROKIN Tropical Kingbird COUKIN Couch's Kingbird CASKIN Cassin's Kingbird THBIKI Thick-billed Kingbird WESKIN Western Kingbird EASKIN Eastern Kingbird GRAKIN Gray Kingbird LOGKIN Loggerhead Kingbird SCTAFL Scissor-tailed Flycatcher FOTAFL Fork-tailed Flycatcher GRCOBE Gray-collared Becard ROTHBE Rose-throated Becard MASTIT Masked Tityra SHRIKES BROSHR Brown Shrike LOGSHR Loggerhead Shrike NORSHR Northern Shrike VIREOS WHEYVI White-eyed Vireo THBIVI Thick-billed Vireo BELVIR Bell's Vireo BLCAVI Black-capped Vireo GRAVIR Gray Vireo YETHVI Yellow-throated Vireo PLUVIR Plumbeous Vireo CASVIR Cassin's Vireo BLHEVI Blue-headed Vireo HUTVIR Hutton's Vireo WARVIR Warbling Vireo PHIVIR Philadelphia Vireo REEYVI Red-eyed Vireo YEGRVI Yellow-green Vireo BLWHVI Black-whiskered Vireo YUCVIR Yucatan Vireo JAYS, MAGPIES, and CROWS GRAJAY Gray Jay STEJAY Steller's Jay BLUJAY Blue Jay GREJAY Green Jay BROJAY Brown Jay FLSCJA Florida Scrub-Jay ISSCJA Island Scrub-Jay WESCJA Western Scrub-Jay MEXJAY Mexican Jay PINJAY Pinyon Jay CLANUT Clark's Nutcracker BLBIMA Black-billed Magpie YEBIMA Yellow-billed Magpie EURJAC Eurasian Jackdaw AMECRO American Crow NORCRO Northwestern Crow TAMCRO Tamaulipas Crow FISCRO Fish Crow CHIRAV Chihuahuan Raven COMRAV Common Raven LARKS SKYLAR Sky Lark HORLAR Horned Lark SWALLOWS PURMAR Purple Martin CUBMAR Cuban Martin GYBRMA Gray-breasted Martin SOUMAR Southern Martin BRCHMA Brown-chested Martin TRESWA Tree Swallow MANSWA Mangrove Swallow VIGRSW Violet-green Swallow BAHSWA Bahama Swallow NRWISW Northern Rough-winged Swallow BANSWA Bank Swallow CLISWA Cliff Swallow CAVSWA Cave Swallow BARSWA Barn Swallow COHOMA Common House-Martin CHICKADEES and TITMICE CARCHI Carolina Chickadee BLCACH Black-capped Chickadee MOUCHI Mountain Chickadee MEXCHI Mexican Chickadee CHBACH Chestnut-backed Chickadee BORCHI Boreal Chickadee GRHECH Gray-headed Chickadee BRITIT Bridled Titmouse OAKTIT Oak Titmouse JUNTIT Juniper Titmouse TUFTIT Tufted Titmouse BLCRTI Black-crested Titmouse VERDIN VERDIN Verdin BUSHTITS BUSHTI Bushtit NUTHATCHES REBRNU Red-breasted Nuthatch WHBRNU White-breasted Nuthatch PYGNUT Pygmy Nuthatch BRHENU Brown-headed Nuthatch CREEPERS BROCRE Brown Creeper WRENS CACWRE Cactus Wren ROCWRE Rock Wren CANWRE Canyon Wren SINWRE Sinaloa Wren CARWRE Carolina Wren BEWWRE Bewick's Wren HOUWRE House Wren WINWRE Winter Wren PACWRE Pacific Wren SEDWRE Sedge Wren MARWRE Marsh Wren DIPPERS AMEDIP American Dipper BULBULS REWHBU Red-whiskered Bulbul KINGLETS GOCRKI Golden-crowned Kinglet RUCRKI Ruby-crowned Kinglet OLD WORLD WARBLERS and GNATCATCHERS MIGRWA Middendorff's Grasshopper-Warbler LANWAR Lanceolated Warbler SEDWAR Sedge Warbler WILLWA Willow Warbler WOOWAR Wood Warbler DUSWAR Dusky Warbler YEBRWA Yellow-browed Warbler PALLWA Pallas's Warbler ARCWAR Arctic Warbler LESWHI Lesser Whitethroat BLGRGN Blue-gray Gnatcatcher CALGNA California Gnatcatcher BLTAGN Black-tailed Gnatcatcher BLCAGN Black-capped Gnatcatcher OLD WORLD FLYCATCHERS NARFLY Narcissus Flycatcher MUGFLY Mugimaki Flycatcher TAIFLY Taiga Flycatcher DASIFL Dark-sided Flycatcher GRSTFL Gray-streaked Flycatcher ASBRFL Asian Brown Flycatcher SPOFLY Spotted Flycatcher THRUSHES RUTARO Rufous-tailed Robin SIBRUB Siberian Rubythroat BLUETH Bluethroat SIBLRO Siberian Blue Robin REFLBL Red-flanked Bluetail NORWHE Northern Wheatear STONEC Stonechat EASBLU Eastern Bluebird WESBLU Western Bluebird MOUBLU Mountain Bluebird TOWSOL Townsend's Solitaire BRBASO Brown-backed Solitaire OBNITH Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush BHNITH Black-headed Nightingale-Thrush VEERY Veery GRCHTH Gray-cheeked Thrush BICTHR Bicknell's Thrush SWATHR Swainson's Thrush HERTHR Hermit Thrush WOOTHR Wood Thrush EURBLA Eurasian Blackbird EYETHR Eyebrowed Thrush DUSTHR Dusky Thrush FIELDF Fieldfare REDWIN Redwing SONTHR Song Thrush CLCOTH Clay-colored Thrush WHTHTH White-throated Thrush RUBARO Rufous-backed Robin AMEROB American Robin RELETH Red-legged Thrush VARTHR Varied Thrush AZTTHR Aztec Thrush WRENTIT WRENTI Wrentit MOCKINGBIRDS, THRASHERS, and ALLIES GRACAT Gray Catbird NORMOC Northern Mockingbird BAHMOC Bahama Mockingbird SAGTHR Sage Thrasher BROTHR Brown Thrasher LOBITH Long-billed Thrasher BENTHR Bendire's Thrasher CUBITH Curve-billed Thrasher CALTHR California Thrasher CRITHR Crissal Thrasher LECOTH Le Conte's Thrasher BLUMOC Blue Mockingbird STARLINGS and ALLIES EURSTA European Starling COMMYN Common Myna ACCENTORS SIBACC Siberian Accentor WAGTAILS and PIPITS EAYEWA Eastern Yellow Wagtail CITWAG Citrine Wagtail GRAWAG Gray Wagtail WHIWAG White Wagtail TREPIP Tree Pipit OLBAPI Olive-backed Pipit PECPIP Pechora Pipit RETHPI Red-throated Pipit AMEPIP American Pipit SPRPIP Sprague's Pipit WAXWINGS BOHWAX Bohemian Waxwing CEDWAX Cedar Waxwing SILKY-FLYCATCHERS GRSIFL Gray Silky-flycatcher PHAINO Phainopepla OLIVE WARBLER OLIWAR Olive Warbler LONGSPURS and ALLIES LAPLON Lapland Longspur CHCOLO Chestnut-collared Longspur SMILON Smith's Longspur MCCLON McCown's Longspur SNOBUN Snow Bunting MCKBUN McKay's Bunting WOOD-WARBLERS BACWAR Bachman's Warbler BLWIWA Blue-winged Warbler GOWIWA Golden-winged Warbler TENWAR Tennessee Warbler ORCRWA Orange-crowned Warbler NASWAR Nashville Warbler VIRWAR Virginia's Warbler COLWAR Colima Warbler LUCWAR Lucy's Warbler CRCHWA Crescent-chested Warbler NORPAR Northern Parula TROPAR Tropical Parula YELWAR Yellow Warbler CHSIWA Chestnut-sided Warbler MAGWAR Magnolia Warbler CAMAWA Cape May Warbler BTBLWA Black-throated Blue Warbler YERUWA Yellow-rumped Warbler BTGYWA Black-throated Gray Warbler GOCHWA Golden-cheeked Warbler BTGNWA Black-throated Green Warbler TOWWAR Townsend's Warbler HERWAR Hermit Warbler BLBUWA Blackburnian Warbler YETHWA Yellow-throated Warbler GRAWAR Grace's Warbler PINWAR Pine Warbler KIRWAR Kirtland's Warbler PRAWAR Prairie Warbler PALMWA Palm Warbler BABRWA Bay-breasted Warbler BLPOWA Blackpoll Warbler CERWAR Cerulean Warbler BAWHWA Black-and-white Warbler AMERED American Redstart PROWAR Prothonotary Warbler WOEAWA Worm-eating Warbler SWAWAR Swainson's Warbler OVENBI Ovenbird NORWAT Northern Waterthrush LOUWAT Louisiana Waterthrush KENWAR Kentucky Warbler CONWAR Connecticut Warbler MOUWAR Mourning Warbler MACWAR MacGillivray's Warbler COMYEL Common Yellowthroat GRCRYE Gray-crowned Yellowthroat HOOWAR Hooded Warbler WILSWA Wilson's Warbler CANWAR Canada Warbler REFAWA Red-faced Warbler PAIRED Painted Redstart SLTHRE Slate-throated Redstart FATAWA Fan-tailed Warbler GOCRWA Golden-crowned Warbler RUCAWA Rufous-capped Warbler YEBRCH Yellow-breasted Chat BANANAQUITS BANANA Bananaquit TANAGERS HEPTAN Hepatic Tanager SUMTAN Summer Tanager SCATAN Scarlet Tanager WESTAN Western Tanager FLCOTA Flame-colored Tanager WESSPI Western Spindalis NEW WORLD SPARROWS and ALLIES WHCOSE White-collared Seedeater YEFAGR Yellow-faced Grassquit BLFAGR Black-faced Grassquit OLISPA Olive Sparrow GRTATO Green-tailed Towhee SPOTOW Spotted Towhee EASTOW Eastern Towhee RUCRSP Rufous-crowned Sparrow CANTOW Canyon Towhee CALTOW California Towhee ABETOW Abert's Towhee RUWISP Rufous-winged Sparrow BOTSPA Botteri's Sparrow CASSPA Cassin's Sparrow BACSPA Bachman's Sparrow AMTRSP American Tree Sparrow CHISPA Chipping Sparrow CLCOSP Clay-colored Sparrow BRESPA Brewer's Sparrow FIESPA Field Sparrow WORSPA Worthen's Sparrow BLCHSP Black-chinned Sparrow VESSPA Vesper Sparrow LARSPA Lark Sparrow FISTSP Five-striped Sparrow BLTHSP Black-throated Sparrow SAGSPA Sage Sparrow LARBUN Lark Bunting SAVSPA Savannah Sparrow GRASPA Grasshopper Sparrow BAISPA Baird's Sparrow HENSPA Henslow's Sparrow LECOSP Le Conte's Sparrow NELSPA Nelson's Sparrow SALSPA Saltmarsh Sparrow SEASPA Seaside Sparrow FOXSPA Fox Sparrow SONSPA Song Sparrow LINSPA Lincoln's Sparrow SWASPA Swamp Sparrow WHTHSP White-throated Sparrow HARSPA Harris's Sparrow WHCRSP White-crowned Sparrow GOCRSP Golden-crowned Sparrow DAEYJU Dark-eyed Junco YEEYJU Yellow-eyed Junco PINBUN Pine Bunting LITBUN Little Bunting YBROBU Yellow-browed Bunting RUSBUN Rustic Bunting YETHBU Yellow-throated Bunting YBREBU Yellow-breasted Bunting GRABUN Gray Bunting PALBUN Pallas's Bunting REEBUN Reed Bunting CARDINALS and ALLIES CRCOGR Crimson-collared Grosbeak NORCAR Northern Cardinal PYRRHU Pyrrhuloxia YELGRO Yellow Grosbeak ROBRGR Rose-breasted Grosbeak BLHEGR Black-headed Grosbeak BLUBUN Blue Bunting BLUGRO Blue Grosbeak LAZBUN Lazuli Bunting INDBUN Indigo Bunting VARBUN Varied Bunting PAIBUN Painted Bunting DICKCI Dickcissel BLACKBIRDS and ALLIES BOBOLI Bobolink REWIBL Red-winged Blackbird TRIBLA Tricolored Blackbird TASHBL Tawny-shouldered Blackbird EASMEA Eastern Meadowlark WESMEA Western Meadowlark YEHEBL Yellow-headed Blackbird RUSBLA Rusty Blackbird BREBLA Brewer's Blackbird COMGRA Common Grackle BOTAGR Boat-tailed Grackle GRTAGR Great-tailed Grackle SHICOW Shiny Cowbird BROCOW Bronzed Cowbird BRHECO Brown-headed Cowbird BLVEOR Black-vented Oriole ORCORI Orchard Oriole HOOORI Hooded Oriole STBAOR Streak-backed Oriole BULORI Bullock's Oriole SPBROR Spot-breasted Oriole ALTORI Altamira Oriole AUDORI Audubon's Oriole BALORI Baltimore Oriole SCOORI Scott's Oriole FINCHES and ALLIES COMCHA Common Chaffinch BRAMBL Brambling GCROFI Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch BLROFI Black Rosy-Finch BCROFI Brown-capped Rosy-Finch PINGRO Pine Grosbeak COMROS Common Rosefinch PURFIN Purple Finch CASFIN Cassin's Finch HOUFIN House Finch REDCRO Red Crossbill WHWICR White-winged Crossbill COREDP Common Redpoll HOARED Hoary Redpoll EURSIS Eurasian Siskin PINSIS Pine Siskin LESGOL Lesser Goldfinch LAWGOL Lawrence's Goldfinch AMEGOL American Goldfinch ORIGRE Oriental Greenfinch EURBUL Eurasian Bullfinch EVEGRO Evening Grosbeak HAWFIN Hawfinch OLD WORLD SPARROWS HOUSPA House Sparrow EUTRSP Eurasian Tree Sparrow


   checklist  ABA checklist (969 species) without scientific names
   checklist with scientific names  ABA checklist (969 species) with scientific names
   Bowman six-letter code  Six-letter system for encoding ABA bird names
   John W. Shipman  Overview of systems for encoding bird names
   Maria Bajema  Six-letter system for encoding AOU bird names
   ABA  American Birding Association (ABA)
   AOU  American Ornithologists' Union (AOU)

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