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What Is Environmental Justice?
A broad based definition.

Environmental Justice Cases Studies
This page was developed at the University of Michigan. It provides detailed examples of EJ case studies, local, national, and international.

Environmental Justice in Minority Populations
Full text of the president's executive order.

Environmental Justice Resource Center - A page full of information from Clark Atlanta University.

NEJAC Home Page
The National Environmental Justice Advisory Council is a federal advisory committee that provides independent advice, consultation, and recommendations to the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on matters related to environmental justice.

EPA - Environmental Justice
Homepage for the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response page on environmental justice.

Environmental Justice Database
From the folks at Michigan State University. This data base is filled with articles and information.

Environmental Justice Clinic
The Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Environmental Justice Clinic is a public interest, environmental project founded in 1994 to lend the expertise and commitment of the Civil Rights and Environmental Movement to disenfranchised minority and low-income communities in Texas and neighboring states throughout the South, burdened by various environmental abuses.

Native Americans and the Environment
This site is full of articles on the topic.

Environmental Justice in the Arctic
A nice site examining the plight of indigenous peoples in the region.

Environmental Justice : Congressional Quarterly Researcher
Offers an introduction to the topic, behind the scenes political information, a time line, and much more.

EarthAction Home Page
A Global Network for the Environment, Peace and Social Justice.

Institute for Ecology & Action Anthropology
INFOE was founded in January 1987 by scientists, journalists and other committed individuals. They do work for embattled communities around the world.

Sierra Club--Human Rights and the Environment Campaign
To help defend these human rights, including the right to organize to protect the environment and the right to have access to full and accurate information about the environment in which one lives, public awareness of oppressive conditions must be raised in the U.S. and throughout the world.

On The Road From Environmental Racism to Environmental Justice
An article from the Villanova Journal of Environmental Law.

Martin Luther King and Environmental Justice
An article entitled "Ethics, The Legacy of the reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Movement Toward Environmental Justice" in Touro Environmental Law Journal.

Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class, and Environmental Quality
Full text of chapter two of a book on the subject.

Environmental Liberty and Social Justice for All
An article focusing on more equitable social organizing.

A Winning Hand?
An article examining the uncertain future of environmental justice By Christopher H. Foreman, Jr. From the Brookings Institution.

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