Rob Beattie presents


steam fighting vehicles and flying machines in the 1890's

being a Victorian Era Science Fiction version of those great rules


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Naval Landing Game


Scenes from recent game based on Turtledove novels with English-French-CSA alliance fighting German-FSA axis in the Third North American War, circa 1890; using Space 1889 environment and TSATF rules.

CSA OCTOPODS: CSA Octopods-Walkers move out to the attack

CONFEDERATE STATES WALKERS: CSA Octopods advance from the fallen town, supported by regular CSA infantry, the 5th Virginia Volunteers, French Sailors and the 1st Sonoran Cavalry.

WALKERS: CSA Octopods advance in support of the infantry.

WALKERS: The Confederate advance comes under attack from FSA infantry in the woods.

GERMAN ZEPPELIN: A German Zeppelin supported by 2 German Quadpods bombards CSA forces in Railway Station No. VI

ANOTHER ZEP VIEW: The Zeppelin LZ8 in flight

FLAMER: A Martian Fire-Thrower supports the 1st Aeronaval infantry's works. Note the Spanish attacking on the left side of the frame.

TRANSPORT FLYER OVER TOWN: HMS Argo takes off after releasing Royal Marines to support the defense of Station No. VI. Soon after it was hit and severely damaged by the German Zeppelin.

BATTLE - LARGE (362K): The fight for Railway Station No. VI big view. The German General Staff watches as German infantry engage British Aeronaval infantry. To the left, German Zeptruppen (Zeppelin borne infantry) battle with Confederate Regulars and Royal Marines. Note Spanish Foreign Legion detachment on left of battle. The Spanish were not happy with the CSA annexing Cuba and Puerto Rico. If this image is too large to open, try the next one.

BATTLE - SMALL(246K): The battle for Station No. VI at a larger distance. German Zeptruppen take the train!

ROCKETS: A British Rocket Battery prepares to engage Federal States Tanks in the distance. Looming over them are the legs of a German Quadpod.

FLYER: HMS Argo returns from dropping the Aeronavals at Station No. VI, and sustaining gun damage

GERMAN TRIPOD: A German tripod and artillery support the efforts of Infantry and Zeptruppen (in Green near train)

HMF HORNET: HMS Hornet surveys the battle and supports the British/CSA advance.

HMF HORNET CLOSE UP: Close up view of the Hornet during the battle for Station No. VI. Nice Nordenfeld gun from Richard Huston's fine collection, now sadly out of produ ction. Ral Partha sailor.

HM LANDSHIP THURMAX: HML Thormax leads the British advance against Federal positions

FEDERAL STATES' TANKS: Federal States Ford Patent Light Armored Conveyance supported by Infantry and Cavalry.

OVERVIEW OF ENDGAME (SMALL): The situation at the end of the Station No. VI scenario. HML Thormax burns in the center of the table after taking multiple critical hits delivered by the Federal States' Ford Patent LACs (Light Armored Conveyance). HMS Hornet is disembarking the Parhoon rifles on the bridge. The German Expeditionary Force moves to counter the attack of the CSA Octopods

OVERVIEW OF ENDGAME (LARGE): The situation at the end of the Station No. VI scenario. German and Federal forces look to halt the British and Confederate attempts to relieve the station.

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