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Monday, May 10, 2004

Go for it, Andy!
Regular readers of other, more popular blogs like Atrios and Tom Tomorrow are probably familiar with some of the rantings of Andrew Sullivan, a journalist/blogger who supported the war in Iraq. For a long time, he seemed to have gone through the same looking glass as the Bush administration. But recent events seem to have smacked Andy upside the head, bringing an uncomfortable clarity to his vision. Here's a selection from a recent post:
To have humiliated the United States by presenting false and misleading intelligence and then to have allowed something like Abu Ghraib to happen - after a year of other, compounded errors - is unforgivable. By refusing to hold anyone accountable, the president has also shown he is not really in control. We are at war; and our war leaders have given the enemy their biggest propaganda coup imaginable, while refusing to acknowledge their own palpable errors and misjudgments. They have, alas, scant credibility left and must be called to account. Shock has now led - and should lead - to anger. And those of us who support the war should, in many ways, be angrier than those who opposed it.
Even George Will is seeing the light now. And a bunch of other right-wingers.

Where does it all lead? My cherished hope is that the Repugs decide that it's time to dump Bush and Cheney and put someone else on the ticket, probably John McCain. I would probably choose McCain over Kerry--they're both war hawks, but McCain understands our electoral mess and has actually done something about it. He also gets global warming, probably on a more sincere basis than Kerry does. Actually, freed from the worry of four more years of Bush, I would probably vote for Nader or maybe the socialist guy and let the rest of the people decide between McCain and Kerry.

I doubt if the millions of Bush lovers out there will turn against him fast enough, but the rich folks who design the polls might. If they skewed a new poll to show Bush 15% behind Kerry, the Repugs might all of a sudden find some principles and call for Bush to get off the ticket.