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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

We met with this guy!

If my memory is working properly, Tarek William Saab is a poet serving in the National Assembly. When our Global Exchange group toured the National Assembly building, Saab was one of a few Chavista assemblymen who came and talked to us. Here, he tells it likes it is about America's leading crime family, the Bushes:
VENPRES' Veronica Sosa reports: To Tarek William Saab, president of the Permanent Foreign Policy Commission of the National Assembly (AN), statements released by Florida governor Jeb Bush ... younger brother of the US president ... reveal that mental retardation runs in this family.

The MVR deputy characterized George Bush Sr., as well as the two sons George W. and Jeb, as "a decadent family group that thinks that they can, on their whim, not only direct the destiny of an empire like the US, but also intervene in the internal affairs of Venezuela in their false belief that Venezuela is a part of their empire."

On the basis of statements made by governor Jeb Bush to the newspaper El Nuevo Herald, which characterize Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as "a crazy guy," Saab said that the presidential family is stunned by the defeat they suffered in Venezuela.

"This is a family who has connections to the petroleum industry, and evidently, they want to control Venezuelan oil, and they know that the way to do that is to remove President Chavez Frias from power."

On the other hand, the National Assemblyman recalled that the state of Florida, governed by Jeb Bush, is home to Venezuelan terrorists like Carlos Fernandez and the two military personnel sought by Interpol for their participation in bombings at the Spanish Embassy and the Colombian Consulate.

Saab urged the Florida governor to turn over "those Venezuelan criminals and not harbor them as he has been doing. The state of Florida, where he is governor, is the center of operations for terrorism against Venezuela."
Thanks to Michelle for finding that.

The "Chavez is crazy" talking point seems to be making the rounds in US right-wing circles: Jeb, the Washington Post, John Kerry. I've seen Chavez in person and on numerous videos. I certainly wouldn't rule out "calculating," or maybe even "ruthless" on occasion. But crazy he ain't.