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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Via The Oil Drum, I learn about Syriana, a movie starring George Clooney, coming out in December. See the trailer here. The film deals with foreign oil and corruption, and has its own activist web site. Aside from the trailer, I can't find out much more about the movie. It sounds interesting.

I recently watched Clooney's Three Kings again, a magnificent movie highlighting the stupidity and hypocrisy of the Gulf War and its aftermath. I've only seen two of the few movies about the Gulf War--Three Kings and Courage Under Fire, an absolutely worthless piece of trash starring Denzel Washington and Meg Ryan (sorry Meg!). After 2 1/2 years of Gulf War II, I understood "Three Kings" much better than I did the first time, especially the abandonment of the Shiites by Bush I after he incited them to rise up against Saddam.

From The Oil Drum I learn that there are two other recent oil crisis movies: The Deal, starring Christian Slater, and Oil Storm, which apparently was shown on the FX cable network back in June. Guess what that was about? From the web site:
Oil Storm examines what happens when a Category 6 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico slams into Louisiana, crushing the city of New Orleans and crippling the vital pipeline for refined oil that is Port Fourchon. It examines the ripple effect of that event and the ensuing cascade of disasters associated with it...

As the country reels from the loss of life and energy reserves associated with the hurricane's fury, the price of crude oil skyrockets...

As gas lines quickly begin and the price per gallon passes three dollars, the government reaches out to our good friends in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, to increase its oil production. However, the decision by the Saudi's to help the Americans inflames an already unsteady Muslim population in that country already emboldened by the continuing challenges of the war in Iraq. Extremists' interests then commit a terrorist act...
There's more, some it sounding pretty hokey, but still...FX showed a movie just a few months ago about New Orleans and the Gulf oil facilities being knocked out by a hurricane.