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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The first casualty of war is truth

Of course, that sucker was shocked and awed to death long before the official start of the current war in Iraq. Nevertheless, the lifeless corpse of truth continues to be "abused," Abu Ghraib-style, from all sides. Chris Floyd examines the January 28 massacre of hundreds near Najaf, and how while what happened there isn't clear, the fact that the US military and the Iraqi stooge government have been lying about it non-stop is perfectly clear.

If you wish to be a US government or military spokesmodel (TM WIIIAI) this month, here are your talking points when discussing any new or ongoing disaster in Iraq:
  • The bombing/shootout/whatever demonstrates the implacability of the enemy (whoever that may be this week)
  • It shows that the Iraqi government is trying, but maybe not hard enough
  • It is clear evidence that continued or even expanded US presence in Iraq is necessary, and, of course,
  • Iran was behind it.
Under no circumstances let actual facts or elementary logic about the incident/massacre/disaster interfere with your use of these talking points.