Wednesday, March 30, 2005



I went to City Hall this morning and got the electrical and building permits required for the project. The electrical inspector was very friendly and interested in the project, saying he hoped he'd be the one doing the final inspection! I'd been dreading this, wondering what sort of hoops City Hall was going to make me jump through. Turns out it was a quite pleasant experience! I made the mistake, however, of reporting the full estimated cost of the project on the building permit application (for reroofing). The fee is based on the estimated cost, so if I'd estimated $9500 or so for reroofing, not including the electical stuff, I probably would have saved $40 or so on the permit. As it was, the building permit cost me $129 and the electrical permit $36.

No updates :(

Do you feel the pressure.

Just checking in.

any updates on this ? alternative wind energy
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