Friday, June 24, 2005


Starting the attic wiring

Rick installed the Outback combiner box in the attic, which will serve as the meeting place for the wires coming from the 12 strings of seven shingles:

The combiner box contains the 4-amp breakers I had to special order from Virginia, and which arrived on Wednesday six weeks after I ordered them (as promised). The breakers guarantee that if one of the shingle series strings produces too much current, the breaker will trip and protect the rest of the system down the line.

This is an excellent blog. It's great to see others spreading the word about renewable energy.

I myself have recently set up a Solar Panel array with a synchronous inverter. It's going to cost me a little more than pure reliance on the grid, but I believe my contribution will be well worth it. Best of luck to you guys!
Solar Panel installation photos are great Bob. I'm building a site and writing information about solar power and renewable energy over at so keep up the good work and I'll link to your blog when I setup my link directory.


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