Don't Hate Me Because I Eat Flora

There is something about the indomitable creative spirit of the individual which conquers all attempts at order and sense. We, unlike smaller mammals, are driven to Invent ourselves, to create of our lives a work of art. I believe that each person in this great world has a story to tell. Mine involves the golf legend Chi Chi Rodriguez and the Lady Globetrotters. I just wish I could recall the punchline.

There are many who would say they do not understand the piece of sculpture and mosaic which is John Cady. Is he an incredible savant? Is his life some grand experiment in understatement? Why is it he still listens to Eddy Grant? It's that kind of confusion that makes people with torches hunt you down in the middle of the night. And that's why I created this homepage. It will tell you everything about me, even things which aren't true or only apply to other people. My entire being has been reduced to the numbered list below, and for some reason I feel good about that. So welcome:

That's me on the right,
with meat

John Cady

  1. The John Cady Fact Sheet
  2. The World-Famous Incomplete Works of John
  3. The Island of Misfit Toys (see all the toys...)

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