The How and Why of Writing

Writing the Letters: How I Obtained Perspective

Like most of us, I had watched Dave's show off and on since the early 60s. However, like most of us, I viewed it uncritically. I accepted unquestioningly all the little foibles and inconsistencies of his nightly plate of television fare - such as why, next to Dave, the show's best dresser is Bill Wendell (Mr. Golf Sweater). Or why, when Dave makes a call to someone in The Rudest City in the Free World, no one ever swears at him.

When I began to write to Dave, however, I found the need to view the program with a fresh eye. As I was advised against the medical infeasibility of such a procedure, I had to develop techniques to simulate such a new view. The following were a few of the tricks I utilized to gain the proper distance from the Letterman:

Subjects I decided to Avoid

Having gained a firm grip on the essence of Dave, my next task was to weed out ideas which might cause Dave discomfort, create embarrassment for him, or generally tick him off. The following letter subjects (some already written as letters) were jettisoned:

Why I Decided to Write to Dave, Instead of Others

On to Phase II: Dave and I Are Pals

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