Phase III: The Adolescence of My Writing

Pushing the Envelope

Relationships develop over time, and often seem to wax and wane in their enthusiasm. I'll admit that at some point, I began to get a little edgy with Dave. I can't say whether it was the sideburns chafing me, or the fact that watching Dave one night cost me a chance at winning a lovely set of dish towels at the local summer fair (I was told an old woman won them, and didn't even hit the bullseye that squarely). It was one of those two incidents, though, that peeved me, and I guess I got a little carried away.

Dave, for his part, wasn't exactly guilt-free however. I was in the bathroom soaking my head (like my girlfriend told me to do) one night, when I believe I heard Dave say something to the effect of, "Cady, you're such a weasely wimp letting your girlfriend order you around like that" during his monologue. That's not funny. I hadn't yet said anything to him. He was just baiting me.

Therefore, I began to send him letters with a little more meat to them. Something he might not read but one of his letter-opening college interns would, and then they'd share it with the others in the office and titter as Dave walked by and perhaps start stealing one of his shoes right before airtime or something. It was indirect, but would be effective nonetheless. I don't know if Dave ever read one of thse letters - wait, actually I do. He didn't, because I never sent them. That's right.

The Letters

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