Pierre-Louis Blayac

Department of Mathematics
East Hall
University of Michigan
530 Church Street Ann Arbor, MI 48103-1043

Email address:
Office : 2842 EH


    I am a postdoctoral assistant professor at the University of Michigan. My PhD was about the dynamics of the geodesic flow on convex projective manifolds. More generally, my research interests are projective manifolds, discrete subgroups of Lie groups, Anosov representations, non-positively curved manifolds. My CV et mon CV en français.


    I teach Introduction to Topology (Math 590 in UofM terminology).

My papers

  1. Counting, mixing and equidistribution for GPS systems with applications to relatively Anosov groups Preprint arXiv:2404.09718, in collaboration with Dick Canary , Feng Zhu and Andy Zimmer .
  2. Patterson-Sullivan theory for coarse cocycles Preprint arXiv:2404.09713, in collaboration with Dick Canary , Feng Zhu and Andy Zimmer .
  3. Divisible convex sets with properly embedded cones Preprint arXiv:2302.07177, in collaboration with Gabriele Viaggi .
  4. Ergodicity and equidistribution in Hilbert geometry Journal of Modern Dynamics 19 (2023) p. 879-945, in collaboration with Feng Zhu .
  5. Patterson--Sullivan densities in convex projective geometry Preprint arXiv:2106.08089, to appear in Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici.
  6. The boundary of rank-one divisible convex sets Preprint arXiv:2106.07581, to appear in Bulletin de la Société Mathématique de France.
  7. Topological mixing of the geodesic flow on convex projective manifolds Preprint arXiv:2009.05035, to appear in Annales de l'Institut Fourier.
  8. My PhD thesis, written under the supervision of Fanny Kassel .

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