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Dr. Bradley Lehman

Dayton, Virginia --
(A.Mus.D., harpsichord, University of Michigan, 1994)

Solo recordings - harpsichord and organ

In Thee is Gladness - cover art Released January 2005: "In Thee is Gladness" by The Hodel-Lehman Duo. Martin Hodel, trumpet / Bradley Lehman, organ. LaripS 1001. Music by Buxtehude, Brahms, Bach, Viviani, Baldassare, Pachelbel, Cellier, Bernstein, Starer, and Lehman. The recording was made at two churches in north Germany.

A Joy Forever - cover art Released January 4th 2006: "A Joy Forever" 3-CD set includes music by Bach, Brahms, Pachelbel, Sorge, Fischer, Erbach, Zachow, Böhm, Walther, and others. It demonstrates the new two-manual Taylor & Boody Opus 41 organ at Goshen College, with representative music in all keys. It includes the complete Ariadne musica (1702/15) by JKF Fischer, a set of 20 preludes and fugues plus five ricercars, a book that directly inspired Bach's composition of the Well-Tempered Clavier. The goal here is to hear these pieces in a way that young Bach may have played through them for his own study.

Playing from Bach's fancy - cover art Released January 4th 2006: "Playing from Bach's fancy" harpsichord solo CD includes Bach sinfonias, preludes and fugues, and selections by other members of the Bach family: music that visits all the keys. The harpsichord is a Franco/Flemish double by Knight Vernon [photo 1, photo 2] modeled on 17th century Ruckers instruments. The CD also includes 20 minutes of bonus tracks played on organ.

Clavichord recordings - unfortunately out of print!

My clavichord project "The Domesticated Clavichord" has been available on five different CD's. (NOTE: The clavichord albums are no longer available from after December 1st, 2003; please contact me directly about any remaining copies.)

On a Tangent and On a Cotangent contain most of the music of this project, grouped chronologically as a two-volume set. Similarly, The Serene Clavichord and Dances with Clavichord complement one another and contain most of those same pieces. Hymnal Vignettes and Variations focuses on hymn/chorale tunes, and some of its selections are only on that disc.

Tangent/Cotangent have been reviewed at MusicWeb (UK)....

* On a Tangent, 1200-1599...a collection of pieces written before 1600, played on clavichord. ($9.98/$11.00)

* On a Cotangent, 1600-1999...a collection of pieces written after 1600, played on clavichord. ($9.98/$11.00)

Possible cover art - The Domesticated Clavichord Possible cover art - The Domesticated Clavichord

Program notes are available for all the selections on either of these discs, and more information about the project is available at my clavichord recordings page.

The album titles are wordplay. "Tangent" is the name of the metal blade that presses a clavichord's string, producing the sound. Also, this project on clavichord is tangential to my career as a harpsichordist and organist: an exploration on a different instrument, in a new direction. And, long ago, I earned a mathematics degree.... "Cotangent" is a companion volume, a reciprocal, looking at the other 400 years after 1600.

I describe my musical goals and role models here...

My goal is to have most of this music published as The Domesticated Clavichord on a conventional classical CD label. There are several selections by Bela Bartok and Joe Pass intended for inclusion there as well, but they are not included on the versions due to possible copyright restrictions.

Possible cover art - The Domesticated Clavichord

* Hymnal Vignettes and Variations for Clavichord...a disc of hymn and chorale tunes. ($9.98/$11.00)

Possible cover art - Hymn Vignettes and Variations

See the program notes...that page also includes a printable tray card.

This album is a compilation of music from the standard classical organ repertoire plus new arrangements. It is intended for a broad audience: anyone who knows these hymns and chorales, the clavichord, or the related sounds of dulcimer, harpsichord, guitar, or organ. It will appeal both to the connoisseur of keyboard music and to the general listener who simply enjoys hearing these tunes.

The selections are all drawn from Hymnal: A Worship Book (1992), currently in use by the Mennonite and Brethren denominations, but most of these hymn and chorale tunes can be found in many other hymnals as well.

I was involved with this hymnal myself: first as a composer, then as compiler of a complete concordance of all its words. Details are here...

* The Serene Clavichord...a collection of quiet pieces in slow tempos. ($9.98/$11.00)

This gentle, restful CD includes several selections not found in the On a Tangent/Cotangent volumes. Program notes...

Possible cover art - The Domesticated Clavichord Possible cover art - The Domesticated Clavichord

* Dances with Clavichord...some of the liveliest dances and dance-related pieces. ($9.98/$11.00)

This CD shows the flashier side of the clavichord's repertoire. The instrument is quiet in volume but can be played with tremendous energy. Program notes...

How to get these recordings

These compact discs are available for listening or purchase through my page at They can be played in a normal CD player, or an MP3 player, or on your computer. It is also possible to listen to most of the pieces online (free!), or download the files for listening later.

Click on any of the titles to see that CD's contents, listen to it (streaming audio), or purchase it! Detailed program notes are available here....

  • If ordered through (by credit card) each CD is $9.98 plus shipping, and mailed directly to you from California. They manufacture them on demand.

  • If ordered through me (prepaid with cash/check/PayPal) each CD is $11.00 (plus shipping at cost from Dayton VA, if necessary).

  • You might also try to win them in my eBay auctions. I have one copy of each disc out there most weeks, and it's possible to catch them for under $7.00 each if nobody else bids during the week. I consider the eBay auctions my advertising....
The prices are in US dollars.

Cover art

If you purchased an early copy of these discs before the cover art was designed, you may want to download and print the covers. These are designed to be printed at 300 dpi resolution. Save them to your own drive, open them with an appropriate graphics program, resize if necessary, and print!

Some reviews

There has been some discussion of these recordings on the Clavichord e-mail group....

What's a clavichord?

It is described, along with a photo, on page 2....

Other productions

As performer, arranger, writer, or producer I've been involved with quite a few other projects. Some are in music, some not. The details about those CD's (etc.) are here....

There are more clavichord selections to see and hear at page 2...

All recordings and text ©Bradley Lehman, 2000-2005