New clavichord recordings (seeking publishers)

Dr. Bradley Lehman


[The Domesticated Clavichord]

[Hymn Vignettes and Variations for Clavichord]

Some quick picks (27-second samples)...

An energetic Halloween Party in the 16th century

Jeering Song from Bartok's collection of Slovak folk tunes

Bach's graceful Minuet in G, a familiar piece for children

A pavyon (pavan) by Newman, mid-16th century

A gentle and improvisatory Ricercar by Luys Milan

Mille regretz (1000 sorrows) by Josquin des Pres

Sultry, a quiet piece by jazz guitarist Joe Pass

Possible cover art - The Domesticated Clavichord

Hear more, and read the program notes...

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Performer/arranger/producer: Bradley Lehman (A.Mus.D., Harpsichord: University of Michigan, 1994)
Engineer/editor: John Hill (faculty, Department of Recording Industry, Middle Tennessee State University)
Studio: Zatoro Productions, Dayton VA, July 6-8, 1999; digital recordings (DAT)

The clavichord is the simplest keyboard instrument, dating from as early as the 14th Century. Its expression ranges from gentle delicacy to fiery abruptness. It is well suited to most of the keyboard literature without pedal, and (as demonstrated here) to music borrowed from other instruments. Its most popular use historically has been as a home instrument, especially for practice by organists and harpsichordists.

The clavichord used in these recordings is a Carl Fudge instrument (Hubert model) built by Brian Joyce. Tuning: A=440 Hz, well-temperament similar to Werckmeister III.

Dr. Lehman earned his music degrees from the University of Michigan, studying principally with Edward Parmentier: M.M. in early keyboard instruments (1992), A.M. in musicology (1992), A.Mus.D. in harpsichord (1994). His professional experience includes more than fifteen years of concert work (as soloist and ensemble player) and church-organist duties. Other musical activities are listed in more detail here.

We are currently seeking publishers with interest in issuing either or both of these projects. Samples of the first edit are available now (most as short .mp3 samples and a few as complete .mp3 files), and final editing if necessary can be done upon receipt of contract.

Our performance and production goal is to use entire takes or large sections wherever possible, preserving the feeling of actual performance and improvisatory discovery. We have not removed the small incidental noises of the instrument's action, or regularized the irrational moments of interpretive whimsy that make a performance human and fresh.

Please address all inquiries to: Bradley Lehman,

The Domesticated Clavichord

Hymn Vignettes and Variations for Clavichord

The Domesticated Clavichord

This project is intended for publication either as a single extended-length CD (most likely), or as a two-volume set. The unifying theme is that this collection explores the huge variety of repertoire which can be played for enjoyment at home on a clavichord. The program designed for the enjoyment of connoisseurs and more casual listeners alike.

Some of the selections here are originally for various keyboards, while others are borrowed from the literature for lute and guitar. The collection ranges from the earliest known pieces for keyboard to works composed very recently. The set is mostly "classical," but also includes some folk music and a bit of jazz.

Repertoire for The Domesticated Clavichord was chosen by the simple criterion that it sounds good on clavichord, whether or not that was the original instrumentation. Some of the recordings here are world premieres, as far as we have been able to determine.

The project was inspired (in part!) by many other discs in my collection: for example, Naxos' "Clarinet Evergreens", various Dorian releases of mixed programs (e.g. Andrew Rangell, Jean Guillou, Baltimore Consort), and BIS discs featuring trombonist Christian Lindberg and recorder player Dan Laurin. Each of these eclectic recitals is unified by the performers' delight in the music: a balanced range of good fun, thoughtful depth, and emotional intensity.

The single-disc version is proposed as follows:

Track Composer Title Timing
1 Peter Philips Galliardo 0'50"
2 Conrad Paumann Mit ganczem Willen 1'20"
3 Conrad Paumann Elend, du hast umfangen mich 1'44"
4 Anonymous Holloyne pardye 0'41"
5-14 Bela Bartok For Children II (Slovak Melodies):
5, 12, 13, 24, 2, 3, 14, 6, 7, 18
15 J S Bach Minuets in G/g 3'03"
16 C P E Bach Polonaises (3) in g/G/g 4'15"
17 Melchior Neusidler Wie möcht ich frölich werden 1'43"
18 Pierre Attaingnant Basse dance 7 1'10"
19 Mr Newman (Mulliner Book) A pavyon 1'53"
20 Thomas Tallis A point 0'38"
21 Orlando Gibbons/Lehman SONG 13 ("Hymnes and Songs of the Church") 2'02"
22 Johann Pachelbel Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein 2'09"
23-25 J S Bach, Pachelbel, Samuel Scheidt O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden 4'33"
26 Susanne van Soldt Alman de la nonette 0'55"
27 Luys Narvaez Guardame las vacas 1'44"
28 Luys Milan Ricercar (Fantasia) 3: G 2'03"
29 Alonso Mudarra Fantasia X (que contrahaze la harpa
en la maniera de Ludovico)
30 Luys Milan Fantasia (Ricercar) 67: F 2'03"
31 Luys Narvaez Cancion del emperador (Josquin's "Mille regretz") 2'13"
32 Georg Böhm Wer nur den lieben Gott - partita 7'00"
33 Johann Gottfried Walther Jesu, meine Freude - 4 var 6'30"
34 Selena O'Neill (Irish trad)/Lehman The foggy morn 2'25"
35 Catalan trad/Lehman Song of the birds (Cant dels ocells) 1'45"
36 Joe Pass Sultry 6'30"
37 trad/Lehman Dona nobis pacem 2'58"
    Total time with pauses: 73'30"

My draft of program notes gives a short explanation of each piece. It also contains links to audio samples of most of the pieces.

Many of these selections are also available in complete form at my artist page @, ( http// ).

A preliminary version of this project is available as the two discs On a Tangent and On a Cotangent at Those two discs include the public domain music only; they do not include any of the pieces which might need copyright clearance (Bela Bartok, Joe Pass). When The Domesticated Clavichord is published as a conventional release, those preliminary versions will likely be discontinued.

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Hymn Vignettes and Variations for Clavichord

(See the program notes for more details about each piece. This CD is available at

This project is intended for publication on CD and cassette. The selections are all drawn from Hymnal: A Worship Book (1992), currently in use by the Mennonite and Brethren denominations, but most of these hymn and chorale tunes can be found in many other hymnals as well.

The album is a compilation of music from the standard classical organ repertoire plus new arrangements. It is intended for a broad audience: anyone who knows these hymns and chorales, the clavichord, or the related sounds of dulcimer, harpsichord, guitar, or organ. It will appeal both to the connoisseur of keyboard music and to the general listener who simply enjoys hearing these tunes.

The new arrangements recorded here can be used as regular service music played on the organ, harpsichord, or piano, and could also be published separately as such. Most of these are generally in an 18th century style, but there are also a few touches of jazz influence and other 20th century techniques.

Composer                Title                                   Timing
Horn (1544)/Lehman      GAUDEAMUS PARITER (AVE VIRGO VIRGINUM)  1'27"
Anon (1626&1774)/Lehman KREMSER/GROSSER GOTT, WIR LOBEN DICH    1'58"
trad Japanese/Lehman    SAKURA                                  2'25"
Vulpius (1609)/Lehman   LOBT GOTT DEN HERREN                    1'48"
Pachelbel               WENN WIR IN HOCHSTEN NOTEN SEIN         2'09"
Pachelbel               WARUM BETRUBST DU DICH, MEIN HERZ       2'42"
Lehman (1991)           HEALING HEM                             2'35"
Lehman (1991)           STORM                                   2'11"
van Soldt (16th C)      Alman de la nonette (VON GOTT WILL      0'55"
                          ICH NICHT LASSEN) 
Basque carol/Lehman     GABRIELíS MESSAGE (The angel Gabriel)   2'12"
Gibbons (1623)/Lehman   SONG 13                                 2'02"
Bach, Pachelbel,        O HAUPT VOLL BLUT UND WUNDEN            4'33"
Anon (12th C)/Lehman/   CHRIST IST ERSTANDEN                    3'01"
  Buxheim organ book  
Luther (1529)/Lehman    EIN FESTE BURG                          3'17"
Anon (1680)/Lehman      WUNDERBARER KONIG                       2'18"
Walther                 JESU, MEINE FREUDE                      6'30"
Walther                 HERR JESU CHRIST, DICH ZU UNS WEND      1'21"
Bohm                    WER NUR DEN LIEBEN GOTT (partita)       7'00"
traditional/Lehman      DONA NOBIS PACEM                        2'58"
total: 54 minutes; on cassette the side break is before 'CHRIST IST ERSTANDEN.'

See the program notes for more details about each piece. This CD is available at

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