Freelance music collaborations
Dr. Bradley Lehman

Accompanying, church music, solo concerts since 1984... see my CV.

I specialize in harpsichord (doctorate in that), but also play clavichord, organ, fortepiano, and modern piano. Creatively, that includes basso continuo improvisation, composing, and arranging.

My 1/2 time job is on staff playing keyboards for JMU's School of Theatre & Dance (see below).
My 1/4 time job is as a church organist about a mile from JMU.

I am looking to augment those with collaborative keyboard work at JMU:
available for freelance hire by students and faculty.

Things I can do for you and with you...


  • Help you figure out weird clefs
  • Play your theory compositions, and help you decide if they work right
  • Help you learn notes and rhythms in your lesson pieces
  • Join your ensemble on harpsichord
  • Improvise to your figured-bass needs
  • Accompany lessons and recitals with harpsichord
  • Tune harpsichords
  • Sight-read through things you want to hear (ancient keyboard pieces, choral scores, counterpoint exercises, ....)
  • Collaborate with modern piano, especially if it's Haydn or earlier repertoire (I have finely-tuned clavichord muscles for tiny motions, not Rachmaninoff muscles)
  • Collaborate with piano in Musical Theatre songs (& help singers be efficient) [16-bar audition cut] [original score]
  • Help with ear-training or harmony exercises
  • Proofread a paper you wrote (bring me a printout)
  • Quiz you on music history from your class assignments
  • ...
JMU e-mail address:
(but send PayPal money to

When and where to find me

Daytimes at JMU pretty much all day, 9-5, every weekday. Recital times outside that by agreement.
Staff with JMU Theatre/Dance Weekday afternoons in Forbes Center @ JMU: Accompanying Musical Theatre classes, and freelance for studio lessons of MT students; Special occasions: Scheduled MT auditions and presentations
Freelance collaborations at JMU Weekday mornings at either Forbes or the Music School: Freelance for hire at $50/hour - make an appointment, or come find me! Most often I am near Forbes 1193 (harpsichord room), or in lessons or rehearsals at faculty studios. 15 minute minimum blocks. Please deposit payments to me by PayPal (Send to, pick "PayPal" inside Venmo, or bring a personal check to Bradley Lehman. Thanks!
Off campus Tuesday mornings 9:00 to 10:30: Church staff meetings