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*Here are some videos where I tune and play harpsichords. My doctorate is in harpsichord.

*I've written various essays and articles (mostly about music) and more than 300 CD reviews

*My research on Johann Sebastian Bach's tuning is one of my big projects from 2004 to present. Here are the academic papers, the simpler explanations, and the hands-on instructions. There is also a list of recordings using that tuning system. The newest article is published November 4 2022!

*I've compiled some Principles of Bridge and Life from experiences playing bridge

*I've worked as a full-time Professional Services applications developer and designer for about 30 years.

Playing from Bach's fancy - cover art *Harpsichord solo CD "Playing from Bach's fancy" released January 4th 2006; samples are available on MySpace and .

A Joy Forever - cover art *Organ solo CD "A Joy Forever" released January 4th 2006; samples are available on MySpace and .

In Thee is Gladness - cover art *Trumpet/organ CD "In Thee is Gladness" released January 2005

*My [Curriculum Vitae for Music] [Resume-Technical Writer] [Resume-IVR] [Resume-All]

*CDs of my performances

*Other things I've produced

*Compare some harpsichord sounds from instruments of various styles

*The Gentle Clavichord, an amusing article from a 1962 fashion magazine for middle-class Americans (not by me; that's before my time)

*A checklist of classical CD's that may suffer corrosion or bronzing

*There is much more to see at my Professional and Personal pages....

Harpsichordist for hire - seeking serious professional concert opportunities where music will be listened to, actively.

Able to play any of the solo and ensemble harpsichord repertoire by Bach, the Couperins, Froberger, Frescobaldi, Buxtehude, Bohm, Reincken, Dieupart, Marchand, Fischer, Kuhnau, Farnaby, Forqueray, Graupner, Purcell, and selected works by many other composers: Byrd, Philips, Scarlatti, Handel, Rameau, Chambonnieres, Platti, Haydn, other Bachs, et al.

Excellent at sight-reading and improvisation of basso continuo. Sensitive accompanist with flexibility and a fine sense of humor. Quick and intuitive learner. Able to tune for my own performances, efficiently and accurately. Doctoral degree and 30 years of experience in these professional performance skills. CDs available. Can also play clavichord, pedal harpsichord, fortepiano, and organ, but principal instrument is harpsichord.

I enjoy giving public concerts, earning extra money at it, and being taken seriously as an expert classical musician. On the side, I do writing projects (mostly music reviews and book reviews), and I'm sort of famous as "the tuning guy", but I really want to perform more music as my central way of using those skills. Thank you for any leads!